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Comment: Re:Corporate sponsorship for elections (Score 1) 97

by Dashiva Dan (#34197656) Attached to: Australian State Govt. To Fund iPads For Doctors
I think there's a pretty good chance this will cost him more votes than it gains him.
Really, the only votes this will get him is from apple fanbois that care more about their favourite brand than wasteful spending.
People who care about spending, or dislike apple (Which while less outspoken I think are still a majority) won't vote for him because of this, I'd think.
And, in Australia, everyone has to vote, unlike the USA where it's optional, which changes the demographics of voters from just the 'politically minded' to 'everyone', which needs to be taken into consideration.

Comment: Re:Great. I'm doing it now (Score 2, Interesting) 218

by Dashiva Dan (#34188682) Attached to: Google Asks Users To Complain Against Facebook
If google gets, say, a million complaints sent through, and facebook does nothing, then the Google can make public "We forwarded a million complaints, and facebook did nothing", which, if timed correctly, probably as facebook makes some "we listen to our users, if 100,000 people ask for something, then we do it" type publicity, google can trot this out... Not saying they would, or should need to, but it's hanging over facebook's head unless they deal with it. Google is just being the 'big backer' for our complaints, thus giving them credibility.
Sure, perhaps there are better things that could be done, but this is surely better than Google doing nothing?

+ - InnoDB Dropped From Oracle MySQL Classic Edition-> 2

Submitted by dkd903
dkd903 (1156359) writes "In a move to make MySQL more profitable, Oracle has dropped support for InnoDB storage engine from the MySQL Classic edition which is available for free. So this free version of MySQL – the classic edition is left with only one storage engine, that is MyISAM. InnoDB Storage engine will be available only from MySQL Standard edition and above which starts at US$2000."
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+ - Not transparent aluminum, but conductive plastic->

Submitted by
michaelmalak writes ""Scientists at the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Brookhaven National Laboratory and Los Alamos National Laboratory have fabricated transparent thin films capable of absorbing light and generating electric charge over a relatively large area. The material, described in the journal Chemistry of Materials, could be used to develop transparent solar panels or even windows that absorb solar energy to generate electricity. The material consists of a semiconducting polymer doped with carbon-rich fullerenes.""
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+ - Hollywood movie studio MGM files for bankruptcy.

Submitted by cbiltcliffe
cbiltcliffe (186293) writes "MGM Movie studios (distributor of the James Bond movies) filed for bankruptcy in Manhattan after rejecting a takeover bid.
According to the article, the pre-packaged bankruptcy plan will eliminate about $4 billion in MGM debt, and replace managers with those from Spyglass Entertainment....
MGM said it has enough cash on hand to fund “normal business operations” throughout its bankruptcy,..

My question is, will this be used by the MPAA to lobby for harsher copyright sentences, due to the "obvious connection between piracy and this bankruptcy", or will they admit that, as the article states, "the company was hobbled with debt" after a 2005 buyout?"

Comment: Re:Also may be of interest to cheap devices (Score 1) 168

by Dashiva Dan (#34094188) Attached to: New VP8 Codec SDK Release Improves Performance
Try thinking as the manufacturers/distributors/developers.
Assume they don't pay, but you do (as you do pay in increased device/software/app costs, anyhows)
You can watch the VP8 video, or you can pay 2 cents per video and watch the almost-indistinguishable quality (although you've heard on /. that it's better) version.
Sure, it's only 2c, but which do you choose?
Assuming you aren't the equivalent of a 'rich bastard' (you can guess which companies the 'rich bastard' represents), which do you choose?

Comment: Re:Also may be of interest to cheap devices (Score 1) 168

by Dashiva Dan (#34094108) Attached to: New VP8 Codec SDK Release Improves Performance
Yeah, cause Walmart failed so badly and hasn't been much competion in the supermarket industry....
Being like Walmart is surely a sign of failure.

(If your post was genuine masked as sarcasm, not just plain sarcasm, then let my post be a sarcastic agreement rather than counter-sarcasm. Or whatever.)

Comment: Re:Damage Meters built into client (Score 1) 175

The actual full GearScore mod also polls a players statistics and will tell you how many (up to 5) kills they have on every other raid boss.
So it'll tell you if that specific character has, say, cleared Ulduar, ToGC, ICC, RS 5 times or more in 25man raid setting, and RS 4 tmes, or whatever they've done.
While they could be playing their partner/friends account, it doesn't say, sure.
That they're some top raid leader's love interest who gets consistantly carried is also true, but neither of these is likely, so it's a good indicator, better than them just having a high GS.
Of course, there can still be someone with 1k less GS and no raiding statists showing for that character who has done them on an alt and knows the fights, and can do it in a superior fashion to the first guy, this, also, is unlikely.
GS is good when you don't know anything else about a person. It's profiling, pure and simple. With nothing else to go on, you take the guy for the role with the higher GS, and you're that much more likely to suceed.
But yeah, It'd rock if there was some new mechanic, like, say, 'MVP' ratings.
Every time a raid finishes, everyone in the raid choses the MVP. That affects those players MVP scores in some algorithmic weighting of how many raiders voted for them (it'd have to be at least, say, 1/5th of the raid to carry any weight) and adds to their overall.
Then, you use that in place of GS, I'm all for it. :)

Comment: Re:Imagine that! (Score 1) 305

by Dashiva Dan (#34017740) Attached to: Comic Sales Soar After Artist Engages 4chan Pirates
Hehe, I used a mate at work's steam account to install Borderlands on 2 computers at my house, and coop played over LAN. All while my mate played his original copy online.
I later bought my own copies, however Steam allowed me (through breaking the rules, sure) to try the full game in coop (LAN only) mode just fine.
If I wanted I could have never bought the game and still be playing it on LAN without ever have paying for it.
Any new game I want to buy I can download to both machines, go to offline mode, and test out coop before buying another copy, and I can use my mates Steam account to try out any game's he's bought before buying them myself.
Not saying you should do this, or that it's legal, but it's both as legal and possible as the afformentioned 1 copy LAN parties were. Not reccomending you do it, but

Erasing Objects From Video In Real Time 175

Posted by timothy
from the no-more-wires-visible dept.
Smoothly interpolating away objects in still pictures is impressive enough, but reader geoffbrecker writes with a stunning demonstration from Germany's Technical University of Ilmenau of on-the-fly erasure of selected objects in video. Quoting: "The effect is achieved by an image synthesizer that reduces the image quality, removes the object, and then increases the image quality back up. This all happens within 40 milliseconds, fast enough that the viewer doesn't notice any delay."

Comment: Re:Sorry Blizzard, no longer a customer (Score 1) 431

by Dashiva Dan (#33809084) Attached to: <em>World of Warcraft: Cataclysm</em> To Launch Dec. 7th
The lockout is there purely to stop the elites from getting the top gear, then farming the raids out and charging others for a run through (and the loot) meaning that a) you have to earn your own loot, and b) the top end hardcore raiders don't get to gear up quite so fast.
Basically it narrows the gap, which makes the game more fun for all.
Same as how only one random a day gives you 2 frosties, etc.
In the end it discourages the culture of douchebags.
As much as I'd like to be able to create my own stuff in WoW, I don't want to look at every other person's created stuff, or waste bandwidth on downloading their meshes and textures when I could be using it for blizzard's professionally created ones.
Sure second life has a lot of good digital artists, but it has a lot more bad ones, and one of the things that makes blizzard's games so damn good is how polished they are. Letting anyone create stuff would totally destroy that.

Comment: Re:Sorry Blizzard, no longer a customer (Score 1) 431

by Dashiva Dan (#33795696) Attached to: <em>World of Warcraft: Cataclysm</em> To Launch Dec. 7th
Simply coming up with an implementable plan doesn't justify that. In the business world you don't come out to the public with just an idea, but with a complete solution. The fact they opened it up for discussion on the forums before they implemented it is as good as can be expected, and better than either not opening it up for discussion, or simply coming out with the concept (if they had have done that the drama would still be going on).
Besides, the implementation, while flawed, still had a lot of good points to be credited to it.

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