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Comment Re:A positive step (Score 1) 74

I still wonder what it's actually for...

Entertainment is always an option, even if nothing else comes out of it. Just imagine playing something like Battlefield YOURSELF, like in paintball style, but wearing VR glasses instead of a protective mask. All of the needed ingredients seem to be maturing, like VR displays and cameras, motion control, etc. I can almost see myself moving to Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat's Al Nas or Lost Village... I could finally get off the damn chair!

The headset merely replaces the real boring visuals with CG, so instead of seeing your green paintball explode on your mate's pokemon tshirt instead you see a bullet explode through their high tech chest armour, emblazoned with their team's emblem, and if they get up again afterwards and try to shoot you, it won't matter so much, aside for the paintball impact, they'll still appear dead to you and you can continue playing. They've already got a few places experimenting with this sort of thing (One in Melbourne, Australia, that I might go check out this christmas)

Comment Re:Racing without Safety Rules (Score 1) 74

You'd probably have too many crashes. Even without a life-loss incident you'd have a lot of expensive machinery wrecked. Granted, you could not no longer design cars with the occupant's safety in mind, but even without having to spend the money on that aspect the cars are still very expensive to build. Losing them due to operators pushing the cars past the point of stability would be pricey.

I don't see cost being a prohibitive factor. Look at battle bots...... What is being described is very similar - and while the primary purpose might not be destruction, having more of it won't scare the viewers (or sponsors) away, and with enough sponsors, you can burn the stadium to the ground as a finale and still cover costs.

Comment Re:I am sorry (Score 1) 108

Well, a simpler example: Imagine me writing as someone using PNG format. For me using English is like being forced to convert to JPEG format, you lost information in the process. Or maybe you are simply being sarcastic in a very stupid and arrogant way as is common among north-americans, who knows.

Actually, I'm Australian, although I did live in America for a while.
American English/Aussie English both have their differences to the Queens english (And even though us Aussies generally could care less about the queen, all she is to us is a public holiday once a year, really) Us Aussies still know we don't speak "Proper" English, and we're OK with that.
It's strange to me however that I find Australians seem to have very little problem with accents and "dialects" - american, english, irish, south american, whatever, it's all "english" enough that we don't need subtitles or translations 99% of the time.
It was weird as hell in America, however, how often they subtitle other english speakers on TV.
In any case, I've also lived in Finland, where while almost everyone under the age of, well, about 40 now I guess, can converse in english, however it's usually a bit of a struggle, as Suomi (Finnish) is so very different from English (At the same time many many Finns have better english than I do).
Most Finns speak Finnish, Swedish and English, and many add Russian, German, and other languages.
I've found in general, people who speak multiple languages (who speak them well, so this doesn't include me) tend to have an advantage when communicating in any of those languages.

rambling aside....
English is like transferring a png into an open source image format that people can hack to do whatever they want, transparency, localised scaling, whatever you think of, just hack it in, borrow some png code, some SVG concepts, and plug them in. English is flexible. Most other languages are far more rigid, which makes them easier to learn completely, but will hit the limits of that language. English speakers hit limits, and they just borrow/co-opt something from a language that has it, and make it work. English is more of a sandpit, and yeah, dig around you'll find plenty of crap in it, but it works.
p.s. sarcasm is a great tool, but explicitly identifying it as such would take the fun out of it.

Comment Re:unpossible software hack? (Score 1) 246

It doesn't matter what software is running their system.
They have enough control over it to have pseudonyms replaced with real names. Whoever is doing this change should be able to easily manage this issue through dozens of options, many of which are a single line of code or a single query modification.
It seems clear, for them to have this response that they:
1) Are not doing the updates in-house
2) Forgot to do proper planning didn't address this when requesting the changes
3) (and this is the BS one) Aren't willing to pay the extra $5 it would cost to address the issue (I know, after factoring in meetings, organisation, etc, etc, that's closer to $5000 or possibly $50000, but it's still cheaper than the loss rolling it out as is is likely to cost them)

If it's "impossible" to maintain the pre-existing behaviour, then how was it not impossible for them to change it in the first place?

Comment Re:I am sorry (Score 1) 108

Sorry for ruining your bubble but English is like AC said, a sloppy language that is only spoken in most of the internet because it is the language of the country that dominates the world. Right now I'm having trouble expressing this idea to you in English, because my native language is so much more logical and structured, to a point that any conversion is difficult to do without losing most of the meaning.

^ Nailed it.
(as in, I couldn't find any meaning in that).

Curious as to what your mother tongue is, and how many languages you speak, that it makes English so difficult, as it is (as mentioned above) a very forgiving language.
English reminds me of HTML - even half mangled, most web browsers can manage to deliver the message.

Comment Re:Male privilege (Score 1) 345

This is my belief also. put 2 people who struggle with social interaction together and you won't get aq great result, However when one is socially comfortable and accepting of the other aspie, things can work out.
Not to say that aspies can't form relationships between themselves, but the society we live in generates social situations that are more conducive to... the majority (not so strange).

Comment Re:My two wishes (Score 1) 140

The problem with only running javascript from a webpage's own site is that these days many web pages spread their 'site' over multiple URLs, using CDNs for jQuery and such (which could be handled with a whitelist, but can't cover everything), CSS, images, font's with icon sets, etc...
I'm sure before too long someone (let's be honest. Google.) will develop a full 'machine learning' system to learn which javascript to block, etc, automatically (and then someone will find a way to use it to end... i don't know, the world or something, I guess) :)

Comment Re:Increasing tolerance for violence (Score 1) 620

30 years ago there was no suspicion that the RC craft was recording HD video.
Just the same as if in 30 more years time (hypothetically) high quality x-ray photography is consumer available, you'll treat that guy taking pictures of your house (daughter's bedroom) from the street with a slightly different attitude too.

And yeah, next year if some guy is hovering over my back yard in a jetpack snapping pictures of my daughter sunbathing, I'm not gonna start suggesting better angles to him, or tell her to improve her posture.
(Sure I'm not gonna shoot him down either, cause a) I'm in Australia, so I don't have a gun, or much of a need to worry about them, and b) It's a person, not a machine, and shooting (or even just disabling) it will probably lead to human death or injury, which is a whole different scenario and while protecting my privacy is worth more to me than someone else's toy, it's not worth more to me necessarily than someone else's life.)

Comment Re:Uhhh, Judge is an idiot (Score 1) 620

Again, I wouldn't take it as being pin-point accurate, but it read 250ft altitude. That plus the video clearly proves the drone was well above the tree line.

250ft altitude compared to what?
Where it took off from?
Sea level?
Wherever it was previously configured?

One thing I doubt is that the operator calibrated it to the ground level of the property he flew over.

Comment Re:This looks juicy (Score 1) 620

That's not spy sat imagery but commercial sat imagery, I read the full article.....

I highly doubt the NSA is in the habit of sharing the cutting edge of their tech with the public, let alone other countries publics (and governments).

On the other hand, I don't care if a government can see my nude sunbathing in the backyard or my daughter. If government employees are willing to breaking regulation for titillation, then I suspect they'll satisfy themselves far better using their mobile phones to legal porn than random strangers, and even if they did, for the sake of argument, perv on my teenage daughter, so long as they keep that top secret and no one she knows sees them, it's a moot issue.

So I'll worry about my privacy being abused if and when that abuse is realised. (And some random stranger thinking 'dirty' thoughts under pretty much any stimulus isn't going to abuse me in and of itself, it'd be the sharing/publicising of that information as relates to me or mine that would be abusive)

So yeah, get that drone out of my backyard, it's going to cause damage and end up on youtube or worse probably, but the NSA/whatever government/corporations satellites isn't going to impact my personal privacy.
Doesn't mean I like or approve of government surveillance per se; however I'm not going to take it personally like I would if it was an unknown flying a camera drone around me or mine.

Comment Re:Do you know how far bullets fly? (Score 1) 620

Let's hope that doesn't happen. Drone delivery is inefficient, expensive and dangerous.

A list of things that could be referred to loosely as "inefficient, expensive and dangerous":

Cars (well, any automated transport really, to varying degrees)
Wind Farms, Industrial Farming and scalp reduction (according to google)
Pretty much any new technology.
Sex (last but not least)

Comment Re:Do you know how far bullets fly? (Score 1) 620

Well, this is going to be fun once delivery drones start flying.

The delivery drones are a nice idea that sounds better on paper than in real life.

The first time a medical helicopter is brought down by one and it ends up on CNN, the drone flights will have to stop. It would cost a crap ton of money to make drones able to avoid other aircraft 100% of the time.

There is no way to have flying drones land in random locations in neighborhoods, there are too many obstructions, kids on bikes, etc.

I love the idea, but the execution is miles from reality.

Why do I keep seeing people type stuff like this? The first time a drone brings down a medical helicopter (let's assume it'll happen sometime or other in the next billion years) you have no idea what the result will be. It could be anything from a footnote on a log file to a three-ring media circus.
As for your other reasons we will never have drones - obstructions and kids - well, Human's have a pretty long history of finding ways to deal with both those issues, with varying degrees of success. I hardly think I'll be reading a newspaper article in a decade or so saying "We would have had drone deliveries but for those pesky kids and the obstructions", I rather suspect I'll read something like "Remember when everyone was up in arms about how drone's would be such a big problem, was that somehow tied into that Y2k bug?"
Just noticed I'm rambling at a probable troll, no way that could be a serious thought out post. I'm gonna stop now.

Comment Re:Do you know how far bullets fly? (Score 1) 620

OK, that is very simple. As the delivery drone gets close to the address it is supposed to deliver to, it has to descend in order to make the delivery. Entire neighborhood? No. A couple of houses / apartments? Yes, it will have to be low enough to make a safe delivery. This means it will go very low past at least a couple of residences.

How about make the drone obvious as carrier, similar to FedEx or UPS trucks? For example, COLOR it in a way that people will see the differences? You are talking as if all drones must look the same or similar, so people can't distinguish them.

Oh please do this, then all the pervs can paint their drone's yellow (or orange or whatever) and spy away without causing any concern.
On a more serious note, however, a set of visual alerts - flashing lights, beeping (like trucks backing up) or whatever may very well help mitigate privacy concerns as people would have some sort of warning. This might at least alleviate the problem.
A little harder for a drone to surreptitiously hover outside your bedroom window, and free reign on shooting down silent drones :)

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