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Comment: Stupid Question (Score 1) 723

by DarwinSurvivor (#46737205) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are You Apocalypse-Useful?

Could this question be any more vague? "Society interrupted" and "no more computers" is the total of the description of our situation? How is society interrupted, did we forget spoken language, or did Facebook go down for a week? What does "no more computers" even MEAN? Does it mean they all evaporated? Does electricity (like what keeps your damn heart beating) no longer exist? Did an EMP destroy all the transistors meaning we just need to make more?

If the technology suddenly poofed or broke (massive EMP, etc), fine, fix or replace them it. I think you'll find slashdot users to be invaluable during a global technology rebuild. Did humanity simply have all of their knowledge of technology erased from their minds? If that's the case, those doctors are going to be pretty useless as well seeing as 99% of medicin was discovered thanks to some sort of technology. Or is the "electricity no longer exists" BS scenerio where nobody's heart would be beating anymore, rendering the rest of you just as "useful" as the slashdot community?

This question is just stupid.

Comment: Reliance (Score -1) 115

A team of CSIRO scientists has discovered the holy grail of aquaculture by developing the world's first fish-free prawn food: According to the article there is intense global interest in Novaq because it solves one of the farmed prawn industry's biggest problems — its reliance on wild fisheries as a core ingredient in prawn food. The Novaq formula is a closely guarded secret, but it is known that the product is based on microscopic marine organisms. Not only will the new feed introduce greater sustainability into a growth industry but prawns fed on the new diet grow 40% faster and are healthier and more robust.

Don't worry prawn farmers, now you'll only be reliant on CSIRO.

Seriously, who green-lighted this advertisement?

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by DarwinSurvivor (#46730179) Attached to: Seven Habits of Highly Effective Unix Admins

I too prefer tmux to screen, but I would like to warn you about 1 danger of using it. Do NOT disconnect from a tmux session that is being used to upgrade tmux. If tmux happens to upgrade to a version with a newer protocol, you will not be able to reconnect to the tmux session. I did this once and had to build a static version of tmux from the previous version and use that to reconnect and continue the upgrade. Screen is theoretically susceptible to the same problem, but the protocol almost never changes.

I still use tmux as my regular persistent terminal on my server, but I now double-check if it's in the upgrade list before starting it.

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by DarwinSurvivor (#46721557) Attached to: UN Report Reveals Odds of Being Murdered Country By Country
It's not just the closed format, but the whole formatting of the file itself. Anyone wanting to do any half-decent analysis of this data is going to have to do a fair bit of formatting before this "data" can be turned into anything useful like a CSV. The current layout is good for little more than looking at. They may as well have released it as a PDF or a chart!

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