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Comment: Re:Occulus Rift (Score 1) 186

by DarwinSurvivor (#47269705) Attached to: 4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

80 columns is fine if you are only working with a single file. Being able to have long vertical views of code with documentation, design work, other code, compiler outputs, etc beside the code without having to switch between virtual displays is a huge productivity booster.

Call me spoiled if you like, but without people pushing for bigger and better ways of doing things, we'd still be stuck punching holes in pieces of cardstock and hoping we stacked them in order.

Comment: Re:Over 30yo+ you won't see the difference anyway. (Score 1) 186

by DarwinSurvivor (#47260267) Attached to: 4K Monitors: Not Now, But Soon

I regularly use a 1080p monitor in the 24" range and I can tell you I would *definitely* like the resolution to be higher. I do a lot of text-based work and I can see the letters start to get blocky if I reduce the text size while I know for a fact I could easily read text even smaller when printed on a decent laser printer.

Try it one day. Use a word processor to print "the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" in steadily reduced font size down the page. Print that page and hold it next to the computer screen at a comfortable viewing distance and find the smallest font size you can read on the printed version and the on-screen version. If picked the same paper and monitor sizes (as measured by a real-life ruler), you may want to see an optometrist.

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Yes, resolution DOES matter. A line of text requires a certain number of vertical pixels to be legible. Whether that line is an inch high or a quarter-inch high makes no difference. For people that need to see more at once, they absolutely do need more pixels. The image from a 1080p projector may look fine from across the room, but you can still only see a small amount of text at a time.

You are making the fundamental error that people just want their displays to look nice instead of actually being able to see either fine detail or large quantities of information at the same time. Some of us DO need (or want very, very much) more pixels on our displays.

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by DarwinSurvivor (#47260097) Attached to: Nokia Extorted For Millions Over Stolen Encryption Keys

That's just it. The summary says "Had the keys been leaked..." when in reality it is very obvious that they were leaked, Nokia just paid somebody and hoped they wouldn't use it. Encryption keys aren't something you can just give back, and a giant certificate revocation would have been noticed by a lot of security researchers.

Basically, this story boils down to the fact that Nokia is out millions of dollars and their infrastructure is STILL compromised. Pinky swear indeed...

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Yes, there is a fair bit of infrastructure to put in. Many places are putting in their own chargers, be it 1 or 2 designated spots (a couple of strip malls near me have them) or an entire parking lot of charging stations (like BCIT just installed). I live near Vancouver, so I am probably seeing a lot more progress than most of North America, but once its been proven to work in one city, others will follow. Where I live, almost all new structures are getting high-amperage cabling laid during construction to facilitate future charger installations (even private homes), so the infrastructure is already being built.

As for the cost of power, most estimates put it at around $3 for a full charge (from dead to 100%). For existing paid-parking garages, they already have the ability to charge for the parking spot by the hour/etc, so simply adding a flat percentage increase should take care of the cost of any power they consumed (just like the costs of maintenance and security are already included in the ticket fee). There are also chargers on the market that have built-in transaction systems for credit cards or coins similar to how a parking meter works.

I spot (without looking for them) at least 1 electric car almost every day during my daily commute (more if I drive instead of taking the train) compared to them being almost non-existent only a year or two ago.

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