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by serviscope_minor (#47530221) Attached to: Chromebooks Are Outselling iPads In Schools

What are you gonna use for typing papers?

Well, I spoke to a parent recently about this. Apparently they do often write papers on a keyboardless tablet. The astonishing part was that the kid's tablet broke and her solution was to write the paper on her phone.

The parent (as so many seem to) thinks her kid is nuts.

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You must be American. It's a slightly different procedure there. Take the bag down, put yours up, and then wait for the plane to fill up. When that's happened, flag a stewardess down or wait until they tell you that the bag has to go up, and hand it on over. Unfortunately in the US, everyone's paranoid as hell.

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Since the becquerel has units of reciprocal seconds and one hour is 3 600 seconds, the number quoted 10 as million becquerels is 36 000 million with no units. Hmmm...?

Yes and no.

Bq is the measure of radioactive events per second. Multiply that by time and you just get a (unitless) count of the number of events.

Except they are dividing it by time giving events/s^2. That indicates that the number of events per second is increasing. As in things are getting more radioactive.

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A bequerel isn't a count of something, like coulomb or joule (or "atoms popping tops off") but rather a rate, like amperes or watts. it's (atoms popping off) per second.

Yes, and as such it's a measure of the radioactivity of a lump of stuff. As in radioactivity ~= number of atoms popping off per second.

so the notion of "bequerels per hour" makes no sense

Yes it does.

If I hand you a chunk of plutonium every second, the the amount of Bq in your hand (i.e. the number of atoms popping off per second in your hand) is increasing. The result is a certain number of Bq per hour increase.

It's just another derivative. Just because speed is a rate, doesn't mean that speed/second makes no sense. It does and it's called "acceleration".

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Which is exactly what it does. It informs. Just right now the people being informed don't like what the science shows, so they claim science is not being 'fair'.

The scientific community is under attack by the pubs.

When to argue against solid scientific facts, yes, they are being anti-science, regardless of their degree.

I've never heard anything more wrong the a scientist speaking outside their expertise.

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Why don't you talking about the other non profit radios station, you know the ones the are more numeroius then NPR? of, right they're religious and play to you neo-con idiocy.

"And while the incurious and stupid might be confused by such accounting gimmickry... I am not."
oh, you can't be wrong, there for everyone else is stupid.

Psychopathy at its finest.

Comment: Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 5, Informative) 270

This administration has never tried to kill fracking.

You are a fucking liar.
"The EPA and similar organizations have been trying to stop and forbid fracking for years."

"The DoE was used as a tool to hurt people."

It's a political fight becasue the pubs made it one. The DoE funding wasn't political.

You should actual learn history and mission of the DoE, you fucking limp wristed cum stain.

Comment: Re:Price of using scientists as political pawns (Score 2) 270

The things being "destroyed"(they aren't) are heavy polluters who are making the world less habitable for humans.

Why don't you go on about how the coal gets money and that's destroying green jobs? oh, right, becasue you a fucking tool, sparky.

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3 million green jobs right now, and growing.

"This is the recurring problem with the left. They promise everyone a world of rainbows and unicorn cheeseburgers. But when push comes to shove... you fail. You don't deliver. All your promises don't come out... the reality checks bounce... and then what happens? People like me are stuck in some disintegrating city eating gruel and standing in line to get government rations."
completely false.

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"The US coal industry is on the brink of collapse.
I wish! Sadly, they aren't.

"f where you're going to get energy from now that you've shut down the nuclear power plants"
Who wants to shut down Nuclear plants? Not me. I want to see thorium plants and generate electriscity form burning our current high yield 'waste'.

Anyway, we would get all are energy needs from a 100 mile to a side solar furnace plant.
Every bit.
We could start that right now. Doesn't even need to be all at once, we could roll out out a 20 year plan.

Sylindra went under what the Chinese flooded the market with solar panels sold under their cost.

You are so stupid that your whole premise seem to be based that we just shut one thing off and then start the next. I understand it can be hard for simpletons like you to do more then one thing at a time, but for actually thinking adults, it's not really that hard.

"Confound these ancestors.... They've stolen our best ideas!" - Ben Jonson