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Comment: I did a computer thing.... I did it all by myself. (Score 1) 558 558

I did something a bit odd for my desktop, since I wanted a media system more than a gaming monster. It's a year old and is currently running an Apache on a Linux VM to host a website, among other things that've gone far beyond its original design brief. It'll even play Crysis. Well, Crysis 2. The A10 has really impressed me, - better than a crippled Intel and a budget graphics card anyway - and I'm curious to see what happens with the next the next FM2+ products

Fast RAM and an APU go well together. Even if the 7850k wasn't available when I built it.

APU: AMD A10-7700k
Motherboard.: MSI A88xm-E45
RAM: 8GB Kingston Hyper-X 2400Mhz
Cooler: Something that works
PSU: Corsair CX600M Modular
SSD: 128GH Samsung 240Evo
HDD: 1x320GB + 1x1TB salvaged from 'somewhere'
Case: Fractale Design 1000 USB3
BD-RW drive.

It's got basically 500 days of contant running on it. And only the ten year old HDD has ever given issues.

Comment: Re:Personal Responsibility (Score 1) 395 395

All the exhaust backpressure can either wedge them out of place, or cause the retaining springs to overheat and push the seal out of its groove. If it clips a port, that's game over.

The difference between a $300 cat, and a $1500 one is the $300 one will physically melt at the exhaust temperatures it'll be exposed to.

Comment: Re:How about your employer? (Score 1) 635 635

The old business I interned with used a Windows 2000 server until December 2013 - when the business finally folded. The server outlasted the business that owned it - having been bought second hand sometime in 2006/07, already near 8 years old.

That server was a Pentium II machine, with a whopping 128Mb of RAM, a pair of 9GB disks in RAID 1 for the OS, and a pair of 32GB in RAID 1 for the data. It also came with a pair of lockable Zip-disk drives for which we'd long since lost the keys, an unmatched DvD-rom drive that was added sometime in the last decade.

And it kept plodding along right up until November 2013 when one of the Data disks failed and decided it wasn't going to drop out of the array - completely nuking the company's accounts folder on the mirror.

There were other reasons why the company failed - but I suppose having the accounts for the last 7 years smeared across the platter in a headcrash was just another nail in the coffin.

The Machine itself was still running when the business was shut down for good. It's probably still working now too, doing God Knows What for God Knows Who? It's built like a bloody tank and did exactly what was asked of it for 14 years.

Comment: Re:Stick Shift transmissions. (Score 1) 635 635

Cheaper to fix, a lot more reliable, cheaper to make, cheaper to buy for the new owner..... and really not that odious to use.

If anything, I find torque converter auto's tricky and unintuitive - and I spend the entire time driving second-guessing what the car's gearbox is going to do. Especially badly-programmed autos

Comment: The dinosaurs still live... (Score 1) 635 635

I made a USENET post to an active discussion an hour ago.

I also still use a film camera to take photographs from time to time. Especially ones I'd like to last. It's 40 years old and generates lovely looking pictures, and only cost $20 on a trip to D.C. Bought from the now sadly departed City Electronics in the old Post Office.

It is easier to write an incorrect program than understand a correct one.