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Comment: Just doing their Job. (Score 1) 478

by DarthVain (#48634183) Attached to: Colorado Sued By Neighboring States Over Legal Pot

Seems normal to me. Police enforce laws not make them.

There was a number of police that came out in Canada that said basically that busting pot was a huge waste of time and drain of resources, however they are still tasked to do it. Their complaint wasn't so much about the morality of doing pot, but that of a staffing and resources issue, where they thought it was a waste of time and resources that could be better spent, you know solving real crimes, or targeting more harmful drugs.

The only horse that law makers keep beating about pot is that it is a "gateway" drug that leads users to do harder drugs. Which is complete BS, but even if it were, the only reason it might be is you have you drug dealers that sell both, "oh we're all out of pot, here try some Meth!". By legalizing it, and selling it, regulating it, and taxing it, you can still enforce the sale (just like cigarettes), but you would basically be putting the pot black market out of business, essentially eliminating the "gateway" to begin with.

How will this change? Eventually the old farts that made the laws will die, and newer more progressive law makers will change them. Slow change, but it is going to happen.

Comment: Re:Dubious because facts (Score 1) 182

by DarthVain (#48626225) Attached to: US Links North Korea To Sony Hacking

Sony, doesn't exactly have a stellar network security record either. This very well could be any hacker group looking for LULZ. I mean all this about the movie and North Korea, particularly if it eventually comes out to BS is pretty funny (and sounds like a movie itself). As to the threats, that well could be copycats etc... and people overreacting to some 12 year old's idle threats...

Comment: Hypocrisy (Score 1) 427

by DarthVain (#48626069) Attached to: In Breakthrough, US and Cuba To Resume Diplomatic Relations

I always thought the US embargo of Cuba was a bit of hypocrisy at least in modern times, particularly after the fall of the USSR.

I mean as you say it isn't like the US is making a big deal about other nations that aren't democratic, and by any measure much much worse than Cuba, as far as human rights violations etc... China being the big one.

I guess it is more close to home physically, which probably played into it. However unfortunately I suspect it had more to do with internal domestic politics in Florida than anything else which is a bit sad. Lets punish a whole people forever to possibly win a few extra seats in a particular state. I doubt it is any coincidence that Bush killed the idea, when his brother was the governor of Florida.

Comment: A dose of Realism. (Score 4, Interesting) 189

by DarthVain (#48610977) Attached to: Denmark Makes Claim To North Pole, Based On Undersea Geography

Canadian here. Much of the "ownership" of the north is symbolic. The ownership is in most ways determined by use (of the lack thereof). This is why there are stupid islands that Canadian and Danish forces regularly visit, even if in dispute, as they can claim they still "use" it. Even if like the moon, it is only to set foot on the barren rock and plant a flag for symbolism. The folks sent there I think have about the right attitude about the whole practice as I recall, Canadian forces leaving booze for the Danes to find, and likewise they would leave booze for the Canadians.

This is why I thought Stephen Harper was such an idiot on this topic. When talking about the ownership of the North, he decided that he should do a pork project to build "Ice Hardened" warships in the idea of protecting our claim to the North (As if they are going to fire on anything but perhaps some arctic seals). They are however of a Finnish design, and are basically armored corvettes. Unless however the polar ice gets very very thin and all but vanishes however, they are not going to be very capable. What we should have done was expanded and improved our fleet of real ice breakers.

As I hate to say it, but all the UN and other countries can say what you will, but only one country currently really has claim, the same one with the largest fleet of icebreakers in the world, the only one to actually build nuclear ice breakers, and has a fleet of 12 or so of them. As when it comes down to having the capability of actually using the north for anything, they are the only ones that really can effectively. Even if you say with the weakening of polar ice, that will take time, and the only country that will be able to take advantage of it first (and make a claim) will be Russia.

Canada should be building ice breakers not warships if they really wish to protect their claim on the north.

Comment: Oh Cloud! (Score 1) 515

by DarthVain (#48582695) Attached to: Once Again, Baltimore Police Arrest a Person For Recording Them

Making police look like stupid thugs... is there anything you can't do!

That is one thing the Cloud is very good at in modern times, offsite backup, which so many struggled with years ago.

I know I was looking at getting security cameras for my house, and the only ones I looked at were the ones with Cloud capability... A thief might steal your cameras, or computer, or recording device, or destroy them, however if it has already uploaded to the Cloud.... :)

Comment: Counter Culture (Score 1) 86

by DarthVain (#48564143) Attached to: China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability

While an interesting comment, it is sort of counter to your argument. A space program isn't something that normal enterprising people can do, it is something that only their governments can do. While you might argue that due to educational culture, the Chinese might be more inclined to produce more engineers than say financial advisers, however I don't think that there is a lack of those people in the other space fairing nations.

Comment: Re:ITIL (Score 1) 317

by DarthVain (#48556159) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Are Any Certifications Worth Going For?

I would agree with this one, as I have seen it around on job competitions a lot. Many of the other ones like Oracle are specific to a particular job, just like some of the code heavy ones.

That said, I think this is more endemic of the whole issue of HR departments and Management that make the decisions not having a clue and need some sort of thing to base a decision on. I've seen many just list a great many certs and other qualifications, where if I had everything they were asking for, I certainly wouldn't be applying for their crappy job because I would be some sort of computer god. Not to mention silly things like years of experience that do not match up with the length of time a certain piece of technology has even existed for.

I find that so much crap is listed as qualifications that you don't really know what the actual job is because it is basically *everything*. I have done a number of interviews that were pretty much a waste of my time, because you try and guess from the Job title (which can be ambiguous) and the qualifications (which can be a bunch of BS and include everything including the kitchen sink), then when you actually get the interview and see what kinds of specific questions they are asking you see the actual focus of the job (which has little to do with 90% of the qualifications listed) and find you are either ill suited, or not interested, you just did a lot of work for nothing. It is frustrating to say the least.

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