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Comment: Government Spending 101 interpretation (Score 1) 621

by DarthVain (#49536249) Attached to: Cheap Gas Fuels Switch From Electric Cars To SUVs

Tax gas and spend the proceeds on whatever the hell you like.


Tax gas and spend the proceeds on "green" R&D. Wait a while. Pass a bill to spend it however you please. Preferably by shuffling money to corporations, who will in turn shuffle money to you via contributions to help you get re-elected again.

This is primarily the problem I have with this sort of tax to fund ideas. Look at history, it's not good. Pensions/Welfare/Infrastructure/etc...

I like the idea of a gas tax to fund say road infrastructure, but it is too easily appropriated for other things. Hell, if all you do is tax gas for example and then subsidize oil companies, all you are doing is making oil more profitable.

Comment: Brett Heart (Score 1) 299

I was going to comment that perhaps they could just add the line "...the term of copyright shall be XX, OR the life of the creator." That way, you get long copyright, but the content creator is always the one who benefits (unless he sells his rights, which is where all the BS comes from anyway, where an corporation with theoretically infinite lifespan wants rights forever)...

Then I though, well maybe not. We might be promoting the new job classification of "Copyright Hitman"...

So what do you do for a living? "Oh I hunt down and kill musicians. It's dirty work, but I like to think I make a difference..."

Comment: Re:50 Hz vs 60 Hz (Score 1) 53

Yes this was going to be my comment. Good luck doing that through deregulation! The only hope would be that some government is forward thinking enough to regulate the change to force the issue, you know for the good of everyone in the future. Deregulation to corporations that have much smaller frames of reference (profit quarters), pretty much ensures that it will never happen, or at least in the foreseeable future.

Comment: Re:SATA Slots. (Score 1) 160

by DarthVain (#49528525) Attached to: New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives

I have one of these ITX setups.

The drawback is that ITX case makers need to get caught up a bit. Most enthusiast cases in larger formats have a removable back panel typically for attaching those massive heat sinks that require a back plate (or otherwise potentially damaging the MB due to weight). Pretty much all water blocks also, probably due to potential torquing due to hoses.

Those PCIe SSD are most common on ITX for the reason you mention, but due to what I assume is a lack of real estate, it is most commonly located on the back of the MB...

So if you are getting my meaning, the problem is once you install the damn thing, it is there for good unless you want to totally rip out your entire system to get at it, and anyone with normal non-childlike hands working in an ITX case will tell you is not something they might look forward to once everything is nice and shoehorned in there!

Comment: Um no. Well not really anyway. (Score 1) 160

by DarthVain (#49528447) Attached to: New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives

No SSD is faster than CPU, GPU, or RAM. Period.


Where before the bottleneck was the physical disk spinning platters, this is no longer the case. Now it is more about the interconnects, in not only how the various pieces are brought together, but also the logical method. So you have hardware that not only have physical interconnect limitations, but also things like timings, parallelism, order, priority and all the things that determine which bits go through a pipe and which wait their turn.

The good news, is that before people didn't much worry about say ATA etc... because it didn't really matter as whatever speed it could manage would be much more than that of the capacity of the HD anyway. Now with the advent of SSD, people are starting to look at how to get the data where it needs to go faster, which using the PCI is an example of (or at least of alternatives). In this case, it has been shown that it isn't really a solution (at least yet). However now that people have the focus on that, I expect some developments to be made in the coming years. The difficult part has always been the inerconnectness of these things in that you have to coordinate your logic of how data moves between various components.

Anyway I took a course on it a long time ago, which only dealt with very simplistic examples, but even those were pretty confusing to me other than to get the basic gist of it.

The way I look at it, is now the narrow pipe between things is the bottleneck, however simply making a wider pipe will not solve your problem, you have to look at how data is fundamentally ordered to go through that pipe for best results.

Comment: Invisible Hand of the Market! (Score 1) 672

by DarthVain (#49512725) Attached to: William Shatner Proposes $30 Billion Water Pipeline To California

1) Stop exemptions and subsidies.
2) Change more for water.
3) ???
4) PROFIT!!!

This would fix the whole water shortage thing in short order. It would likely destroy a lot of unsustainable agriculture in the area as well. It would also promote a lot of conservation and probably innovation. So win-win-win.

Even doubling what the cost per volume of water would probably be pretty trivial to most domestic households.

Comment: X-Wing VS Tie Fighter (Score 1) 150

Call me when X-Wing VS Tie Fighter comes out again, otherwise I am not all that interested. Also 20 VS 20? Please. Those are some cute systems you go there.

Hopefully when/if X-Wing VS Tie Fighter ever does come back it will be designed for PC's and not crippled for this console garbage.

Maybe with the re-release with the film, it will happen...

Comment: Fool me once... (Score 2) 193

Also Canada has been burned in the past using this practice. Be bought a few used subs off the British and had them retrofitted. From what I have heard they have been nothing but trouble. They have been under repairs longer than actual service. Had multiple issues when actually in service, in that they leak, which is kind of a bad thing for a sub. They cost billions. There is a reason they have a shelf life and why the parent country no longer wants anything to do with anymore. Buyer beware.

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