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Comment: Re:Get the hell out of IT (Score 1) 182

by DarthVaderDave (#42697395) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Job Search Or More Education?
Don't be so quick to despair. One of the best ways I think you could differentiate yourself, and trust me you'll have to do that, is to improve on what I assume are strong communication skills. Probably one of the most valuable skills I have is playing referee between business and IT, or rewriting a guide to be more 'customer friendly'. It's beyond counting the number of times that that skill shooed me into a job that would have fallen to someone else. Also, apply to Google. They love people who have strong non-IT backgrounds. The theory is: anyone who can do a deep dive into Greek Literature, Linguistics, or Philosophy must be capable of understanding...well I don't's Google.

Comment: No one has all the answers, but... (Score 1) 630

by DarthVaderDave (#42382899) Attached to: Drawings of Weapons Led To New Jersey Student's Arrest
The more I think about it, the more I realize the problem is that this stuff is sensationalized. And there's a real consequence. Not because it's stirred everyone up. Not because the press is simply trying to make a story out of nothing. But instead...this kids life is going to be screwed up. Think about it. If the school / cops did this & didn't tell the press, and the kid didn't tell the fuss no muss. So...if the kid was really dangerous...they would have caught him before a horrific event. Now the story is reported. The cops have to trump something up. And the kid, who's name I guess will be reported before long, will be a googleable one for all his remaining days.

Comment: Start with the PM (Score 3, Insightful) 276

by DarthVaderDave (#42369813) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Gently Keep Management From Wrecking a Project?
Constructively find out what your PM wants from these other types. You don't hire new people unless you're getting rid of the old ones or there's more work to do. If he won't tell you with a straight up question you have a problem. Whether you face it right then or not is up to you. So, Is it something that you're supposed to be doing? IF you're not , fix that. If that's not it & it's something you didn't think of, find out how you're supposed to play with these new players.

Comment: Looking for disaster, just look at car commercials (Score 3, Insightful) 87

by DarthVaderDave (#42307161) Attached to: Researchers Develop an Internet Truth Machine
If you weren't aware that Hurricane Sandy, Irene or whatever occurred, just tune into the local television and watch the car commercials. If I see one more Maxon, Salerno Dwayne, Rutherford Ford or Honda Hurricane Sandy stimulus event, I'm going to throw up. THAT is how you know something bad has happened.

Comment: hmm..I wonder if this is where grass roots... (Score 1) 327

by DarthVaderDave (#42227873) Attached to: Nationwide Google Fiber Deployment Would Cost $140 Billion
could begin? Google, as a company, has always had a decent reputation. What if a grass roots organization could organize support among the 311 million people to fund some of this. Instead of 'hoping' that Google comes to you - make it happen. Google would make good bank; but in return they would agree to charge so much. Kind of a business - community arrangement. Kept above board, this could benefit generations to come. In short, leave the government out - make the agreement beneficial to them, beneficial to joe schmo, & reap the rewards that we, as an advancing civilization, are supposed to.

Comment: Well, he can be as excited as he wants.... (Score 2) 209

by DarthVaderDave (#42087139) Attached to: Does Even Amazing Partisan Tech Deserve Applause?
But all of the sites he mentioned are not in the business to "help" anyone. They're all in it to make money. The difference is that the Democratic party used the internet in a way that didn't involve Money. Now that's a neat trick!! I wonder if by next election someone will have thought of a way to make a business out of "getting out the vote" over the net.

Comment: Wow, if I was on the MS Exchange Team... (Score 1) 248

by DarthVaderDave (#42082339) Attached to: Companies Getting Rid of Reply-all
I would love to hear this. A button to disable it? How draconian, what are we in the dark ages? In Exchange each message thread has an ID --- why not simply make a pointer to the one copy of the message - whether the user is pulling off the server or in the .pst file? Boy, I guess these guys never heard of the concept of DEduplication.

Comment: ummm...this is who's in charge? (Score 3, Insightful) 483

by DarthVaderDave (#33698830) Attached to: Why Warriors, Not Geeks, Run US Cyber Command Posts
I guess what scares me is how out of touch these 'experts' are. I, for one won't be sleeping better.... Mostly because none of these guys understand a 'geek' would build a firewall an enemy couldn't penetrate, detect the hack, backtrace the IP and deploy units to capture the enemy. (Or do the geeks have to do that to?). Essentially you're putting this decision in the hands of people who don't know enough to make this decision. Truth is they don't know enough to know they don't know enough.

He keeps differentiating, flying off on a tangent.