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Comment: Words directly from an Oregon Senator (Score 1) 275

by DarthBling (#45587113) Attached to: How Much Is Oracle To Blame For Healthcare IT Woes?
Here's what Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse says about this in an email that I got:

I want to share some thoughts about Cover Oregon, or the insurance exchange...

We were one of five states granted federal dollars ($48 million) to develop the technology. The agreement was we would then share what we had developed with other states, which is a reasonable approach. The warning that immediately went up is the fact the State of Oregon has a miserable track record when it comes to IT development. In this case, even though much of the work was contracted out to a company called Oracle, we have held true to our record of failure. We have been assured all of the problems can be fixed, and maybe that is true over time, but here we are with a non-functioning web site and 400 new government employees to do manual processing....

The federal government also gave Oregon nearly 250 million dollars to operate the exchange for two years. Another pot of federal money in play is the subsidies for people buying insurance in the exchange. It is on a graduated scale, but everyone up to 400% of the federal poverty level (for a family of four that is an income of $90,000) can get federal dollars to help pay their premiums. This will, to a degree, offset the premium increases, but only short term. In two years the operational funds as well as the subsidies are scheduled to go away.

Comment: Good Advice (Score 4, Insightful) 62

"New information just in suggests that if you logged into the fake Demonoid and used the same user/password combo on any other site (torrent, email, Steam, PayPal) you should change them immediately."

Yup. After all those LinkedIn passwords were leaked last year, I wised up and changed the passwords to all the websites I visit each to something different. So now if my username/password combo is compromised, it's only good for that one particular website.

Comment: Re:No real details about these... (Score 1) 74

by DarthBling (#43303103) Attached to: Building Better Body Armor With Nanofoams
Probably not quite what you're looking for, but have seen the armor made by Forcefield? Their back protector is soft and flexible, but it hardens up in a impact. It may not offer you quite the same level of protection from piercing damage as hard shelled armor, but it's every bit as good if not better for blunt force. ATGATT!!

Comment: Ex Coffee Drinker Here (Score 2) 283

by DarthBling (#42897165) Attached to: I Get Most of My Caffeine Through
I used to drink a quite a bit of coffee about two years ago. I'd brew up a pot in the morning, have a cup before leaving for work, and then bring a 16 oz thermos with me to work. Visiting my parents usually involved sitting around the kitchen drinking a pot of coffee in the morning and then another pot in the afternoon.

But, I started having really bad PVST episodes (heart palpitations) while I was exercising. So I dropped caffeine in the hope it would help, and it did. Instead of severe PVST several times a week, I'd have a mild episode maybe once or twice a month.

Luckily for me, caffeine withdrawal wasn't bad at all. What really got me was how dependent I was on caffeine to supplement my bad sleep habits. It took maybe three months before I could finally operate normally again, without feeling completely run down and like I needed a nap. In fact, I feel better now than when I drank coffee.

But what I really missed most about coffee wasn't the coffee, it was having a nice hot drink to sip on. And just recently I've discovered tea! Yes, tea does have caffeine, but for some reason it doesn't give me PVST when I exercise. So now I'm a tea drinker. I prefer black teas to green teas. For some reason, green teas seem to give me a weird headache feeling (like too much caffeine or something).

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