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Comment Re:One data point for each browser (Score 1) 371

Most likely. If he tried it a few times and on another computer, or even better with a different ip address, I would guess that he would get different results.

I've noticed with travel sites that I'll get one rate on a flight/hotel then after searching around more and coming back to the desired one the price will have increased. At which point I call a friend, he searches and gets the original lower price.

Comment Re:Totally wrong (Score 2, Interesting) 180

ah, but there was a Next Gen episode where Data was practicing sneezing (to more emulate humans) and Wes asks him if he has a cold. Data responds "a cold what?", and Wes says something to the effect that it's a disease people used to get.

Why oh why do I remember this?

Comment Re:let's build more aircraft carriers, instead (Score 1) 30

This wonderful man was a professor of mine. In one of the many courses I took with him he walked us through how planets could be directly imaged with a space based interferometer. That was probably in '97. And I see by your link that the actual Terrestrial Planet Finder mission was postponed indefinitely in 2007. It looks like even if they were magically funded now that the earliest launch would be in 2015-16: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Space_Interferometry_Mission

Comment Yes, slashdot is biased (Score 5, Insightful) 426

Where is the 'Democrats' tag? Where is the party affiliation in the summary? And where is the donkey icon? If he was a Republican can anyone here seriously say that there would not be a 'Republicans' tag, the word 'republican' in the summary and the elephant icon?

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