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Comment Maybe its time for autonomous planes? (Score 1) 385 385

I'm not talking just the auto pilot function, but the ability to autonomously react to a variety of conditions much in the same way that the self driving cars do. Though I realize that driving and flying are completely different and getting the FAA to actually approve something like that may take decades, but something like this should at least raise autonomous plans as a viable option for the future.

Comment More info? (Score 5, Informative) 131 131

Without knowing your interests or area of expertise, there are some big ones like:

Various Microsoft conferences: Exchange, SharePoint, TechEd
Some Cisco stuff

And Probably a whole host of others. Choose a vendor/specialty and search for their conferences.

Comment Re:Should be objective, not biased... (Score 1) 452 452

FTS: "About ten boxes here are still running Windows XP and would be too old to upgrade to any newer version of Windows."

Suggesting that they have other boxes that are not running XP and not too old to upgrade.

Counting his own machine, that brings the sure total to at least "About" 11.

Though the EULA doesn't actually define how big a "small business" can be.. So if he's just at about 11, or slightly more, then yeah, he can use it, but if his company is too big to be considered a "small business" then it is a no go for even those 10. How big is too big? Who knows. (Bring on the phallus jokes...)

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