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Comment: Re:Ridiculous notion. (Score 1) 289

by Darnocobra (#32843302) Attached to: The Proton Just Got Smaller
This is one of the comments from the article.
"A shrinking proton could possibly be explained by an alternative model of the proton, where it simply consists of a looping EM wave. Adding energy to the system (by replacing the electron with a muon) could reduce the wavelength of the looping EM wave – and thus also the diameter of the proton. Such a proton is elaborated on at" Posted by: Simple Particle

Comment: Re:Sprint? (Score 1) 187

by Darnocobra (#30833774) Attached to: Analyst Estimates AT&T Needs To Spend $5B To Catch Up
What I know is that when Sprint and Nextel first merged, my service with Sprint went down the tubes. I was living in a small town at least an hour away in every direction from a major city. With Sprint I could get coverage everywhere, even the places that no one else could. Then they merged and my service went from the best to unusable. I started dropping a lot of calls. There were actual places along the road that I would drop a call every time I passed it. And it always seemed I was on the phone at that point. I called Sprint to complain. Apparently during the switchover it caused a problem with the closest tower to drop 93% of the calls throughout the area. It took them months to fix. They refused to let me out of my contract, even though I could hardly use my phone. I used to think that I would never switch from Sprint. That experience left such a bad taste that I will never go back to them. I couldn't even get one of the letters from Sprint saying that they didn't want me as a customer anymore, even though I had called and complained on numerous occasions.

Comment: Re:Not Scrapped Yet... (Score 1) 501

by Darnocobra (#10212628) Attached to: New Overtime Rules Have Short Shelf Life
I've read through these comments and surprised that no one has mentioned profit sharing. I am salaried and generally put in about 50 hours a week. So while I get no overtime for those 10 hours, we do have a really good profit sharing program that makes me not mind staying those extra hours. To get the job done right and on time so that their isnt any downtime is important because it ends up costing me money.

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