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Comment: Re:I wonder about man hour figures... (Score 1) 264

If chef or puppet are not friendly enought you can always invest in a third party like Novell Zenwork and manage your workstation with it. Sure it's defeat the purpuse of always using Open Source tools and not paying for licence but options do exist. Also, Gpo are not really anything special, it's a pretty interface on a couple of reg key that control the some aspect of the workstation UI. Everything it does can be done by puppet on a workstation

Comment: Re:You can't upgrade Windows 8.1 offline with OEM (Score 1) 293

by Darkinspiration (#46928465) Attached to: The Upcoming Windows 8.1 Apocalypse
Well there is a way to do this, It's not really a offline installer like methode. If you apply the KB in the wrong order it could have interesting effect. But you do have a wsus server, microsoft free update solution (as in you gotta have an AD, and CAL, and a w2008 server, and SQL free...)

Comment: Re:Different Governments have Different Issues (Score 1) 406

by Darkinspiration (#44959565) Attached to: Can There Be a Non-US Internet?

But don't rent an apartment and then say later you don't like the way it was built.

And i have a problem with that attitude right there, I'm paying for a service and if the service is build half assed and wrong i will complain and take my money elsewhere. It's after all my money, and i want the service. If it's the only game in town and i need the service all i can do is complain. After all if i don't nothing will change. Things will not improve if everybody is happy about them. And it's natural to assume that if nobody complain people are happy.

Comment: Re:Backstory? (Score 3, Insightful) 51

by Darkinspiration (#44928297) Attached to: Vimeo Held Covered By DMCA Safe Harbor
It does seem insane. I mean how can the court not see that this case is clearly about killing vimeo and by extension video sharing sites. How can they expect all employees to be 100% diligent. It's never going to happen. If the only option to adhere to Safe Harbor is to have google class content filter Youtube is going to be the only game in town in the US.

Comment: Re:so he did in fact break the law (Score 3, Insightful) 743

by Darkinspiration (#44708649) Attached to: Snowden Spoofed Top Officials' Identity To Mine NSA Secrets
I'll point you to a huge corruption case currently ongoing in Quebec, It's a textbook case of having internal affair that is not working properly and become so useless that it's not even a stopping block to the corruption system. Stories like the construction contract in the city of laval where internal affair was in the system of Montreal where internal affair was flushed.... Yeah, it's not always that easy.

Comment: Re: Government vs terrorists (Score 1) 395

Many people died because their names were in the mass of documents that Manning released. That's a real problem, and those names were unrelated to the "scandals" Manning was trying to expose. Those people died because Manning wasn't careful about what he leaked.

And i've yet to find a definitive list of people that died after Manning leak. The army even admitted in july that no one died. Can we please put that argument to rest. Manning leak only exposed corruption and spying, It gave a better understanding in the working of governments and international diplomacy. It helped me a lot in understanding why Canada's Parliament was so adamant in re-writing copyright law when our old law was sufficient according to all international conventions. The USA did it. They where even trying to pressure the government to shut up some journalist because they where inconvenient.... That's the true impact of Manning leak it expose the USA as a bully.

Comment: Re:You can say the same about guns (Score 1) 322

by Darkinspiration (#44647607) Attached to: Open Source Mapping Software Shows Every Traffic Death On Earth
Criminal get guns in some specific ways: They sleal them from a known mark, They Buy them at licence or unlicence store They smuggle them pass borders, Etc With good regulation you can prevent a some of these occurrence and then reduce the number of gun in circulation. For example, forcing every gun owner to have is gun in a locked gun storage cabinet would reduce theft. Forcing a background check for all gun store would prevent known offender to easily purchase guns. As the number of easily available gun decrease, the price of the easy gun increase. You get criminal who will carry less and start preferring blades and blunt weapons instead or no weapon at all because getting them will be easier. And hopefully, you reduce gun related death. It's not magic, it's not total and it's not impossible criminal will still get guns just less of them. And other countries have succeed.

Comment: Re:United Nations jeopardizes its ... moral author (Score 1) 158

You do know that the US is giving quite a substantial part of the UN budget. One would think that is the UN was full of thieves and that they where stealing a you would say, The US would just stop supporting the UN. Make no mistake the UN exist because of the US. It's mostly a puppet not the other way around.

Comment: Re:There is only one way... (Score 1) 195

Do remember that with time is memory will wane. Your contact info might not be the salvation hoped. Dont forget to check any automated task setup. It's always annoying to be paged at 3:00AM because some automated script does not have it's expected input.

Comment: Re:Self signed? (Score 2) 276

Kind of ironic then that every modern browser treat self sign like a pestilence. Frankly i've always tought that forcing warning on self signed were more about creating a legitimate certificate racket. I mean when buying a wild card certificate cost you more then 5000$....

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