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Comment: Corporate freedom, unless we say otherwise (Score 1) 60

by damn_registrars (#49200711) Attached to: Come and Take It, Texas Gun Enthusiasts (Video)
Notice that again the conservative voice on slashdot is screaming about how FedEx doesn't want to transport certain goods. If the product was a pamphlet for a local union hall, the conservatives would say that FedEx was exercising their rights to free speech and freedom of association. But since the product is something that conservatives believe all Americans have god-granted rights to, FedEx's refusal to transport it is clearly a constitutional crisis.

In other words, FedEx is free to transport whatever goods they want, unless refusing them angers the conservatives. Then, FedEx must transport them in spite of their objections.

Comment: Re:Retro-mirrors anyone? (Score 1) 168

by drinkypoo (#49200517) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

Could enough coolant be pumped through a laminated plate armor to dissipate kW per square inch of localized heating?

The only thing that might kind of work is clouds of steam and/or smoke. But a liquid isn't going to help you, this thing can turn solid engine block into vapor, what do you think it's going to do to your magic liquid?

Comment: Re:Defense? (Score 1) 168

by drinkypoo (#49200501) Attached to: Laser Takes Out Truck Engine From a Mile Away

What can the average person do if some whackjob starts running around the city or a shopping mall with one of these things targeting innocent people?

Absolutely nothing. That guy is a goddamned superman, and he could crush you into a thin paste with his bare hands. Make peace with your maker, you're coming to meet him.

Comment: Re:Not ready for primetime (Score 1) 379

by Shakrai (#49200397) Attached to: Ubuntu To Officially Switch To systemd Next Monday

Ah, I remember Slamd64. I had that puppy on my first ever 64 bit machine, it took a few years for Slackware to jump on the 64 bit train.

I don't see the issue with using it as a server in a production environment, particularly if you roll servers with a specific role rather than trying to Swiss Army Knife them. If you monitor slackware-current they're as responsive as any distro with security updates and the package management isn't that cumbersome. Of course, if you're using Slackware the odds are good that you've compiled your own daemons and should be on top of patches/security updates yourself.

Either way it's not a deal breaker for a production server, unless you need a big company to hold your hand for everything, and in that instance why not just runa Windows server?


The Abandoned Google Project Memorial Page 70

Posted by Soulskill
from the Hello!-Wave-Lively,-Reader! dept. writes: Quentin Hugon, Benjamin Benoit and Damien Leloup have created a memorial page for projects adandoned by Google over the years including: Google Answers, Lively, Reader, Deskbar, Click-to-Call, Writely, Hello, Send to Phone, Audio Ads, Google Catalogs, Dodgeball, Ride Finder, Shared Stuff, Page Creator, Marratech, Goog-411, Google Labs, Google Buzz, Powermeter, Real Estate, Google Directory, Google Sets, Fast Flip, Image Labeler, Aardvark, Google Gears, Google Bookmarks, Google Notebook, Google Code Search, News Badges, Google Related, Latitude, Flu Vaccine Finder, Google Health, Knol, One Pass, Listen, Slide, Building Maker, Meebo, Talk, SMS, iGoogle, Schemer, Notifier, Orkut, Hotpot, Music Trends, Refine, SearchWiki, US Government Search, Sparrow, Web Accelerator, Google Accelerator, Accessible Search, Google Video, and Helpouts. Missing from the list that we remember are Friend Connect, Google Radio Ads, Jaiku, SideWiki, and Wave.

We knew there were a lot, but who knew there'd be so many. Which abandoned Google project do you wish were still around?

Comment: Re:Yeah the FCC is stifling freedom! (Score 1) 364

what I find funny is that here some people are unhappy. Make up your mind slashdot, you finally got what you wan

Nobody changed their mind; the Slashdotters who wanted ISPs to be common carriers a decade ago still do. It's an entirely different set of users [industry shills and teabagging nutjobs] that have come out of the woodwork to bitch and moan now.

Comment: Re:Sheesh (Score 1) 364

The libertarian solution would outright abolish such government-enforced monopolies.

The libertarian solution would have Comcast and all other utilities pay every property owner for permission to run lines through their property (which is clearly unworkable -- if a single property owner at the entrance of a street refuses, everybody else on the street would be screwed). That's why even people who normally lean libertarian (such as the GP) realize that government regulation is a better alternative in this case.

Comment: Net Neutrality (Score 1) 364

Let me first outline what I believe: I believe in the CONCEPT of Net Neutrality.

However, what the FCC and this administration has passed, while it is calling it Net Neutrality, is NOT Net Neutrality in any way shape or form. It is Political Correctness run wild and will result in a thousand unintended problems that will require further tweaking by the FCC.

And if you trust the FCC not to fuck this up, you're just haven't been paying attention.

Comment: Re:Another piece of software to uninstall (Score 1) 153

by mrchaotica (#49199017) Attached to: uTorrent Quietly Installs Cryptocurrency Miner

If only we have software that we could trust, that we could see the code.

That's necessary, but not sufficient. Even Free Software can get bundled with malware if you don't obtain it from a reputable source (e.g., the first-party website or your Linux distro's package management tool). Even previously-reputable download sites like Sourceforge have been guilty of bundling shit.

Comment: Re: Many are leaving ham radio too (Score 1) 135

You have the Part 15 and ISM services for that. You really can buy a microwave link that's metropolitan-distance and legal to use.

We lost much of our 440 capability to PAVE PAWS in California. Remember, Amateur Radio is not the primary service on many bands. The military is on 440.

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