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Comment Re:Firewall/Router blocking settings? (Score 1) 128

Makes much more sense to un-install those privacy downgrades. Worth the effort as there is a distinct improvement in boot times as well as general performance. Those M$ anal probes do come with more than one cost, not just your privacy taken but also a system performance cost, obviously they run better in windows 10 built in than added in windows 7 and 8, which is why windows 10 outperforms fully privacy downgraded windows 7 and 8. I wonder how well windows 7 clean install no M$ recommended privacy downgrades compares against windows 10.

Comment Re:Limited unlimited (Score 1) 121

The idea is to provide no-cap content, content that does not add to you download meter ie content they charge to publish. Then over time ramp down the cap, lower and lower and lower. This to use their access monopoly to create a publishing monopoly, everyone wants to charge the equivalent of xbox licensing fees money for nothing because they can.

Comment Re:I have the right to watch it. (Score 1) 58

They installed software to stream movies not share them. There is a major difference in use, the software is sharing in the background without the seeming activity of the user and the user has no way of knowing whether the content, the specific copy they are watching is legal or not. This is being prosecuted in the US because no loser pay laws (so the defendants lose either way, either pay for their legal defence or pay the privately instituted fine with the power of corrupt government), in other countries with loser pays laws because lawyers wanting to make a name for themselves would take on the case with the aim of winning and making the claimants pay when they fail to prove their case against the actual individuals rather than an arbitrary IP address.

Comment Re:No government role? (Score 1) 25

The Turkish national, the fixer had the encryption software, the journalists did not. Why were the journalists arrested and charged with terrorism because the US is promoting it by routinely destroying whistle blowers and actively making changes to policy pretend laws to target all journalists in conflict zones. This to give tacit approval to less then democratic states to go after all non-'embedded' (the word is going to take on some new connotations) journalists (corporate and intelligence agency lackeys).

Comment Re:The A10 cannot be turned into an F35 (Score 1) 466

Tech is hugely compact, armour and a strong durable airframe are not. You can turn any passenger aircraft into a accurate bomber via a laser guidance system and laser tracking weapons. So all a straight up scam to force vassal states to pay tribute to the US military industrial complex to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars or else. So nothing more than a lame PR stunt to make those vassal state tribute payments more tolerable to their populations. Tribute to the US military industrial complex comes before schools, hospitals, social services, infrastructure spending of course and all of those of course should be privatised to American corporations or else colour revolution, pretty pretty, PR, colour revolutions all over the place.

Comment Re: 92B (Score 1) 61

Sorry no it is illegal they are bleeding economies out of sheer greed. Their activities are not legal, there are just gaps they have paid their lobbyists to create via corrupt politicians that they are then exploiting in a criminal fashion, no because it is legal but because there is no legal framework by which they can be prosecuted and mass incarcerated, YET!

Comment Re:Veterans care (Score 1) 58

If you're not trying to pull off a full end-run around the law - as you have been trying against the POTUS for years now - then what is your goal?

What the balls are you even talking about, dude?

Read your own words. You keep saying that you believe you can't get what you want by using the legal system - both with the POTUS as well as with Hillary - so you have nothing left but to advocate for more extralegal action. You have advocated openly for the extralegal removal of the POTUS; now you are rallying the troops against Hillary with what action as a goal?

then accuse the straight folk of "trying to pull off a full end-run around the law"

The "straight folk"? Really, what on earth is that supposed to mean? You very plainly have been calling for discarding the legal system when it doesn't suit your aims.

Comment Re:Simply? (Score 1) 108

The best growth - in terms of people and income - of the middle class that our country ever saw was when the taxes were progressive. There is simply no way around those simple facts.

I'm ready to scuttle the Lovecraftian monstrosity that is the tax code and go with something simple.

It is notable that what you said did not counter my point in any way, shape, or form. You highlighted it with your new subject line but did not respond to it.

"Simple" tends to disperse power, though.

A simple - if by simple you mean something like a flat tax - would vastly increase the annual tax liability of the wealthy and of industry. They would never stand for that, and they own too much of the government for it to ever gain traction. Some of the guys from your team will try to sell the idea but they know it will never go anywhere. They just give it lip service because it makes for good sound bites.

Comment Re:"Giant steps are what you take. . ." (Score 1) 12

Weren't you just accusing me of changing topics and moving the goalposts recently? What happened to discussing Scottie's Wall?

An intrastate rail is a long cry from a bankruptcy-inducing, international-relations-destroying, completely-unwarranted project like what the Kevlar Kandidate wants to "discuss".

Comment Re:Well, that's embarrassing (Score 1) 493

Matthew's gospel was written in Hebrew.

No Hebrew manuscript of Matthew has ever been found. The claim that it was written in Hebrew comes from two fragments written by second century bishops, who also said that they had never seen a Hebrew manuscript.

In fact, there is enough linguistic agreement between the gospels that most historians (and linguists) believe that all four were written in Greek. The people who say Matthew was written in Hebrew (or Aramaic) are in every case proponents of the extraordinary claims of Christianity. It's like saying that you believe Obama was born in Kenya because some Fox News blonde said so.

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