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Comment Re: Hammerheads in Vermont (Score 1) 378

The best thing about Sanders's economic policy is that it's utterly fantastic, impossible thinking, entirely ungrounded in reality. Which means Congress won't go for it unless it's a Democrat majority, so that's a NOOP.

Don't get me wrong - nobody who is running is at all qualified for the job, but when John fucking McAfee is the best of the field, this country is in huge trouble.

Comment Re:Excess (Score 1) 237

Of course, that's all moot if the land isn't arable without expensive water importation. Or even livable beyond nomadic population densities. Look at the maps and pictures.

You generate the power where people don't/can't live and pump it to where they do. Just like we do in the USA. At least when we're not creating new Superfund sites.

Comment Re:Total Carbon? (Score 1) 237

Trees???? A major part of Morocco is in the Sahara Desert!

Or are we building power plants out of wood these days?

How much carbon does it take to make a fossil-fuel boiler, ship it, set it up?

We're actually not talking much difference, anyway - this is not a photovoltaic solar farm, it's a heat-converting facility. Same as coal or oil based generating systems, but without shipping in coal or oil to keep it going. You can do an awful lot of maintenance if you don't have to budget for fuel or fuel-shipping costs.

And being as it's in a high-sunlight region, you could even do a fair amount of metallurgy using concentrated solar energy if you were really obsessed with setup energy costs. A simple Fresnel lens out of an old flat-screen TV can smelt metal and there are YouTube videos to prove it.

Comment Re:And? (Score 4, Insightful) 269

If you're in the US, losing the entire Russian government market is a blow to the balance of trade and local economy. This single contract is just representative of everything that's happening across the industry - it's far larger.

But Americans seem to WANT NSL's and are willing to sacrifice the entire tech sector, the basis of their economic growth, for an increased police state. Maybe they'll get to pick the size of their grey tunics.

Comment Re:Sputnik days are here again (Score 1) 211

And why exactly would Kim who fancies himself a god want to provide Daesh whose cause is to create an Islamic state with assistance in the form of a nuclear weapon?

I don't see many upsides for Kim or the DPRK in doing so. Everyone likes to paint Kim as a mad man. It might be true he does not always display what we consider to be sound judgement. Still he is self interested enough to hand a group that would turn on him as fast as he can blink a real actual WMD ( as opposed to the nasty but hardly massively destructive things we tend to use to justify drone strikes ). He isn't a lunatic.

Comment Re: Too late (Score 1) 372

Republicans aren't "free marke"t or "freedom" people - they're theocratic corporatists. You might be thinking of libertarians - they're more of the "do whatever the fuck you want unless you're going to hurt someone else" mentality. They might think that an SJW company would run itself into the ground in pretty short order, but whatever - they can destroy their company if they feel like it.

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