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Microsoft One Step From World's Greenest Company 492

An anonymous reader writes "According to this article, Microsoft is only a few lines of code away from becoming the greenest company on Earth." From the article: "Redmond should issue a software upgrade to every computer running Microsoft Windows worldwide to adjust each machine's energy-saving settings for maximum efficiency." The author figures that the upgrade would affect 100 million computers and that the power cost savings could hit $7 billion per year. CO2 emissions would be cut by 45 million tons. But what about the impact on computing?

Comment Uh, not exploitable.... (Score 1, Informative) 284

From the article:
A (somewhat) closed system. In Counter-Strike, each gameserver is its own instance of the game world.

So, what you do on your server (and it has to be your server, in order to be able to tweak the options like you want), you can do this. But it won't affect anyone else.
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Journal Journal: A fun evening for all

Sometimes I don't understand people.

Last night was one of those examples. There is some bloke that I know, Adam [0] that [1] was prescribed anti-deppresants, but refuses to take them. Well, refuses to take them this time around, 6 months ago he was hospitalised after an overdose. He's out at the pub with some folks, and heads out, saying he'll be back shortly. He doesn't turn up, so everyone shrugs, and heads home, before going of to a birthday party.

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Journal Journal: iVegan - eat different 2

Given that this is currently national vegitarian week, I was planning to eat vegie this week. Then I realised that I had been for quite some time, if I excluded trips home (the folks are carnivores), and occasional eating out.

So, I've gone vegan for the week. Only problem i can see with going vegan permentaly would be that the local shops don't stock savoury stuff to spread on bread. I'd have to take a trip to Dundee every couple of weeks, to get some variety in sandwich fodder.

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Journal Journal: Caveat Emptor - Unix is not Unix 1

This will probably go down as either an over reaction (if you've never met this situation before), or with a sage nod and a sigh (if you have).

I do number crunching. I crunch numbers. For various reasons, the 64 bit machines have an edge for the code I use, over 32 bit machines. So, when comparing machines of different architectures, it's a little complex.

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Journal Journal: When hardware goes bad 2

Argh! My box started crashing randomly over the past couple of days, co-inciding with a fairly major upgrade (X drivers, libc and a coupld of common progs). So I'm trying to find the offender, and the box reboots, the reboots again in Lilo, and again during the POST.

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Journal Journal: Want a mixing engineer

So, as I mentioned in an article, I do a bit of sound engineering. So far, relativly local bands, all live gigs, broad range of music (indie guitar rock, Jazz collection and a ska group).

I'll repeat the offer I made in the article - Any band who wants, I'll mix and master to CD (and /or Ogg Vorbis) thier album (or single). You send me the masters, I'll m,ix and send back a finished product.

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