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Comment: Re:they will defeat themselves (Score 2) 653

by meta-monkey (#47929051) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

I do, I absolutely do. But what's the US going to do? Re-invade Iraq?

At least maybe this time it would be easier to get a "coalition of the willing." Maybe an international effort that included other Arab nations would make for a more stable country. But seriously, we go in, invade, innocent people die anyway, and a power vacuum is left for even worse motherfuckers to rise up.

It doesn't seem like you can win peace with bombs.

Comment: Re:US is next? (Score 2) 653

by meta-monkey (#47928163) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

I wouldn't necessarily agree with that. Muhammad was a military leader and a statesman, and the Koran basically dictates how every aspect of society should operate. Christianity had the benefit of being an outsider religion that eschewed direct temporal power. "Render unto Caesar..." The authors of the New Testament went out of their way to make it clear they were just talking about Jewish religion stuff and posed no threat to the Roman rulers so as to avoid persecution. It is this separation of authority that allows for open thought and independent inquiry. This is why science and democracy were (re)born in western nations. Neither the Islamo-statists nor the god-kings of the far east allowed for dissent or independent thought.

Most all early scientists or natural philosophers were Christians. But the Christianity they practiced is very different from modern Christian fundamentalism. Christian fundamentalism is a recent invention of the United States.

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by meta-monkey (#47927947) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

We can't trade with such people. Hell, if they don't even allow math we can't even keep ledgers. So they would still blame western governments for imposing sanctions.

To be honest, it seems like the best solution, is, as you say, stop fighting them. All we ever wind up doing is accidentally killing a bunch of civilians and breeding more jihadis. You guys want a caliphate? Fine. Knock yourselves out. We'll be over here with our blackjack and hookers.

The only problem is we still need their damn oil. Please, Elon Musk, save us from dependence on these assholes' oil. The sooner we can find a replacement for middle eastern oil and/or their oil runs out, the better.

Comment: Cartoon villians (Score 1) 653

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Except for the whole beheading and murdering thing, these guys sound like cartoon villains. I'm just stunned that such a people can rally support. How socially and in every other way clueless must a jihadi be to think signing up with these guys is a good idea and that they will build a stable, functioning government and society?

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by meta-monkey (#47909697) Attached to: The Future According To Stanislaw Lem

Latest UN figures say population will top out in 2050 at about nine billion and then decline, with most growth now in Africa and parts of Asia. As education levels rise (particularly amongst women) fertility rates go down. Much of the developed world is not reproducing at replacement rates.

Overpopulation is a red herring.

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by meta-monkey (#47909197) Attached to: Comcast Allegedly Asking Customers to Stop Using Tor

"There is no difference between Comcast and the government, except that the government has to at least pretend to respect your rights."

Indeed. When the government bans Tor, we can complain about our free speech rights, and there's a pretty good chance we'd win. Say what else you will about the US government and Supreme Court, but they pretty much always come down on the side of free speech. You can say about any damn thing you want in this country in any damn way you want.

But we all know the first amendment is only about the government not being able to ban speech. Unless comcast gets regulated as a utility or common carrier, they can ban whatever they want on their network.

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