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Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 0) 35

That's hard for you to understand?

You agree with me, then suggest that I had a hard time understanding what I said? Logic is not your strong point, is it?

You expect the lock maker to be liable if you leave your door open?

I expect to be able to go in and out of my door. That's what doors are for. Apple doesn't even give you a door. You have to break your way through the wall. Then there's a hole there. That's why Apple products are only sufficient for sheep. They don't break down walls, they just wander through holes.

I can't wait for the first PC malware that jailbreaks iOS devices "for you" so that they can be infected. That's going to be hilarious. It'll probably only work for phones without a security code. I wonder what percentage of them that is.

Comment Re: Documentary on Netflix (Score 1) 31


Named something that was a copy of something which was already relevant when it was created. If that's the best you can do, you've only proven my point. The very best they can do is imitate, and you're lapping it up. Easy to see why you're too cowardly to log in.

Comment Re:wan port (Score 1) 54

This is a good thing, it will encourage people to spread out their networks a bit, place this guy in a central point and run a line to their desktop pc with a switch so they can plug in their networked printer or whatever.

It's not a good thing if the user needs more ports, because now they need more crap and they have more points of failure. It's a good thing for users who don't need more ports, because it's less to go wrong and less to pay for.

Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score -1, Troll) 35

Headline leaves out the fact that this isn't just any old iOS malware. It affects only *jailbroken* devices.

So, you're only safe with Apple so long as you do exactly what they tell you, and no more. As long as you are a shiny cog, you can have the shiny shiny. Step off the reservation, and you get shot in the face.

It's too bad Apple only cares about the security of sheep.

Comment Re:As if T-Mobile can really serve LTE ? (Score 1) 122

California is a big place. I get LTE in the all the major cities and most of the smaller ones along the I-5 corridor. You won't get it in the boonies, though; LTE is fast but not good for wide-area coverage.

The problem is, when you don't get LTE, you also mostly don't get HSDPA. Because T-Mobile's coverage is so shit, you're lucky if you can get EDGE. Which, by the way, doesn't work either. You cannot actually load a webpage over it. Ask me how I know.

Comment Re: Documentary on Netflix (Score 0) 31

Oh, you mean LiveScript 2.0? They didn't buy it from someone, they just copied someone else. I'll give you half of that one. If you can come up with another half you'll really have something. But you're just engaging in typical Microsoft-fanboy revisionism; it was Netscape's LiveScript that actually made dynamic webpages possible. Creating Xmlhttprequest was Microsoft's way of attacking Netscape.

Comment Re:I'm not mad about the subsidies (Score 1) 165

They probably need the money to do the job. But they should have a tiered roll-out plan, and they should get the money in portions as the roll-out proceeds, not all at once. Maybe it is already planned that way, I don't know. Did not RTFA, am not new here

Comment Re:Fat Cats in the Countryside (Score 1) 165

That's what bothers me... you move out to the country, you can get a really nice, big house and large piece of property for a lot less than you'd pay in or near a city. If you want broadband, use some of the money you saved moving out to the middle of nowhere to get it.

Your tiny little view of the world from the pinprick through your blinders is pathetic and shortsighted. We had a program to extend POTS to rural customers because of the benefits to society. The benefits of extending the internet are even greater, but because you can't see any farther than the end of your nose, you're more concerned about your paltry share of this bit of cash than about far more egregious uses of your taxes... like bombing brown people for profit.

Of all the expenditures you could complain about, rural internet is about the dumbest.

Now, if you want to complain that this money is probably just going right down a toilet, or that nobody should receive subsidies for installing some slow-ass third-world internet connections, I'm right there with you. But having lived in both the city and country, I don't see why you would even be worried about whether we spend some money to bring modern communications to all citizens, unless you're in favor of it.

We in the country have to subsidize your roads in the city, since we drive more miles and pay more gas taxes, but the damage is really done by heavy trucks. Why don't you complain about that? Insist that you city dwellers pay your fair share of road taxes? Naturally, you're only concerned when you think you might be overpaying, not when you're underpaying. You don't care about fairness, you only care about yourself.

Comment Re:This should have been an open bid contract (Score 1) 165

That's the one thing a big corp like CentryLink has going for it, they have a lot more than this contract to lose if they take the money and run.

What? No they don't. We already paid billions for last mile internet which we didn't get, and nobody got in trouble.

Comment Re:Subsidies are okay. Exclusivity is not. (Score 1) 165

"they must lease it out at reasonable rates." Why? The government isn't mandated to charge reasonable rates for services.

The government is only permitted to pass laws for certain reasons, all of them are promoting welfare and serving the public interest, none of them are making a profit.

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