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Comment: Re:I prefer a tablet for some things to a smart ph (Score 1) 220

by Darinbob (#48927643) Attached to: The iPad Is 5 Years Old This Week, But You Still Don't Need One

The only person I know who regularly uses an iPad is also a small plane pilot. It seems like a good solution for that environment. Easy enough to put on the passenger seat or to use in your lap to follow maps and update plans, slides into a backpack, etc. Mostly not being typed on, but you can when you want.

Comment: Re:Incredible! (Score 1) 176

by Darinbob (#48927407) Attached to: Computer Chess Created In 487 Bytes, Breaks 32-Year-Old Record

Today though "bytes of RAM" is vague. A lot of chips have very tiny RAM but a (relative) lot of Flash. Ie, the Microchip PIC has instruction lengths of 14 to 18 bits, so these don't even fit into common notions of bytes.
Then again the instruction set you work with is incredibly important as well. Faster is not necessarily smaller here. Also if there's ROM you can leverage that (the program in question most definitely uses the BIOS for a normal 16-bit 8086, the Sinclair also had ROM).

Comment: Re:This doesn't sound... sound (Score 1) 313

by Darinbob (#48917449) Attached to: Valve's Economist Yanis Varoufakis Appointed Greece's Finance Minister

Borrowing and spending their way out of it, combined with a national past time of cheating on the taxes. Combine with politicians elected based on angry backlash instead of logic and there's going to be a lot of upcoming economic troubles to make austerity look like the good old days.

Comment: Re:jessh (Score 0, Offtopic) 375

by Darinbob (#48917325) Attached to: "Mammoth Snow Storm" Underwhelms

That's money. What about lives if the storm was big (which is actually was, just not in NYC)? Money is easily recovered, and should never be considered the most important factor. So people don't go to the grocery store today, but they will go tomorrow. Maybe we should cancel all holidays and really make huge amounts of money because those expendable workers will be productive instead of plotting with their unions. Cancel weekends too. Even better, make those CEOs *work* for a living by working on the assembly lines or flipping the burgers.

Comment: Re:Looks UGLY (Score 1) 370

by Darinbob (#48909811) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

I always found much of it distracting. Not necessarily the translucent windows and things but the overall look. Why do we still need window borders? We've got MacOS without borders, xfce windows w/o borders, etc. Similarly, shrink down that title bar and don't make it glossy. The fake 3D look is pretty archaic.

Comment: Re:Microsoft would be onto a winner if... (Score 2) 370

by Darinbob (#48907983) Attached to: Windows 10: Charms Bar Removed, No Start Screen For Desktops

You can skip it, it's just clear at first glance how to do so. This feature convinced me that the primary goal for Windows 8 was to push their store, they want a piece of the pie that Apple was getting with their store (which no one on the mac would ever have dreamed of using at the time). Consider that even after installing without getting their Microsoft account, that some apps still want to use it. Ie, Mail refuses to work without also giving your Microsoft account in addition to your real mail account, you can not download any free apps without the account (though you can get the free 8.1 upgrade w/o out it).

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