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Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 203

No, we've had generations and generations who've been taught to believe that profit is the only virtue and it's your land so you can do whatever you want. Maybe it's time to realize that there may be things other than economic growth to consider when deciding what to do with land. Sure, you maximize profits by strip mining an entire mountain but it's also probably that it is more beneficial for everyone as a whole, now and in the future, to leave the mountain standing.

The EPA didn't just start as a hippie liberal idea. Many conservatives were pissed off at other people polluting their land, air, and water, and harming their families, crops, and livestock. Conservatives also enjoy seeing wildlife and visiting parks and monuments. It was later that the environment was rebranded as a liberal concept, and in two-party America where every issue must be phrased as a battle between us and them.

Comment Re:Rootless is a problem, and Office 2016 2011 (Score 2) 129

The later versions however may have problems. We were told by IT at work that they were going to roll out Office 2016 and that we needed to upgrade to Yosemite or it wouldn't work.

Enterprise people tend to always want the latest Office despite it never having any new features that anyone needs.

Comment That was then, this is now (Score 1, Insightful) 118

They already got money from the current customers so why continue to pander to them? Now they want new customers with new wallets to extract money from.

This is standard business practice in many places. New customers make you money but old customers are a drain on your financials.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 2) 203

That seems to be a large goal of some far right conservatives - utterly destroy all government. Neo-anarchists. They think local government will work better, but then they revoke local rights if the state government ends up being more conservative than the locals. They're stuck in a fantasy world where everything can go back to the good old days as long as the government stops doing stuff to screw it up. We can be the 50s nuclear family and watch Father Knows Best forever and ever, the kids never grow up and leave, the lawn never turns brown, and the wife never gets old.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 1) 203

They should be allowed to prevent people from putting their land into productive use IF this harms other people, or the land of other people, or the land of neighboring public lands, or causes multigenerational destruction of the land, etc. There is no ingrained natural or moral right to destroy land that you "own". The only reason people own the land is because at some point in history someone stole it from someone else and the government defended this stealing. Thus the landowners should acknowledge that they wouldn't even have this land without the government's support.

Comment Re:Hmm... (Score 4, Informative) 203

Nixon was very much conservative. However the definitions change over time. The meanings today are almost the reverse of what they were a century ago. Reagan would not be considered conservative enough by today's Tea Party for example.

Nixon was also very practical. And being practical is anathema to idealogues who think that compromising is traitorous. Lowering the voting age should not have been a conservative vs liberal issue, it's just plain fair and practical to extend voting age to those we were drafting to fight and die for us. Negotiating with China may not have been the Goldwater approach, but to accuse Nixon of being pro-communist is ridiculous, the negotiation was practical and good for the country and the president's FIRST job is to govern. He created the EPA but the environment at that time was an utter shambles and the EPA was needed. Some of the most conservative people I know are very staunch environmentalists, though they'd never use that word - they hate garbage on the side of the road, they don't want pollution runoff onto their lands, the love national parks, and to use a Christian idea they want to be good stewards of the land. Back when Nixon was president, the environment was not a conversative vs liberal litmus test like it is today. Ballistic missile treaties is about wanting peace and safety, and any good liberal or conservative should want those.

Remember, Nixon helped to get the segregationist southern Democrats to switch ranks and become Republicans, which caused a strongly conservative change of direction in the party. Nixon was the ultimate authoritarian figure to the younger free speech movement and anti Vietnam war protesters, more so than any of the Democratic leadership. Nixon was for the New Federalism to give more power to local governments, an idea embraced by conservatives.

It will however be impossible to convince some people of that, especially those who think John Boehner was not conservative and secretly a democrat in disguise. Those people are a hopeless cause because they'd rather rant than think.

Comment Re:Gun-free zone? (Score 1) 1139

Carrying a gun openly is like being a cat with the claws out. The logical mind says "this stranger is dangerous". The gun is not there for my protection, it is not there to protect life, it is there to take life. Maybe the life of a robber, but it's still a life. I'd rather have my wallet taken than to take a life; but I think those who openly carary guns don't think that way.

The NRA needs to go back to being about gun safety instead of gun flaunting and political grand standing.

Comment Re:Population/Area has to be a factor (Score 1) 277

Don't forget bikes. They'll hit pedestrians too. If they won't slow down for cars then they won't slow down for walkers either. Only making left turns is actually helpful when you can manage it (though some streets won't allow left turns).

The residents, especially those with some economic means, need to learn that it's ok to cross the border and live somewhere else rather than treat the city as a walled off commune.

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