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Comment Re:More than 26 sounds (Score 1) 231

But those thousands of hanzi are being used by people speaking a real language, past or present. Emojis are a different category from languages. They're not even the same category as symbols used for mathematics, economics, or other soft and hard sciences. Emojis started life as jokes, a humorous extension of the smiley face, and after some time to fully mature emojis are still jokes. Nobody really communicates with emojis, they exist only to make the readers laugh or wince or face palm themselves so hard that they are knocked out.

The solution is to get rid of emoji from unicode, put emoji into their own standard, then wait and see if that standard survives for longer than a few years before people grow tired of this fad. They're already sort of outdated, as people are using animated emojis now and the static pictures are old school and no longer cool. Meanwhile a hanzi character from a thousand years ago is still useful.

Comment Re:More than 26 sounds (Score 1) 231

Those are symbols necessary to record a language in writing. Unicode was created to try (awkwardly) to standardize all the various written characters used in natural and artificial language, phonetic and sound markers needed to properly transcribe a language, and alternative transcriptions as necessary (braille).

An emoji is none of that. Symbols used to represent sign language would be appropriate and there may be some minimalist overlap with emojis. Emojis are not language. They may be part of communication for some people, but then so are words and yet we use dictionaries to keep track of words rather than Unicode. Emojis should be in their own damn standard. An ephemeral meme should not be standardized unless we want future anthropologists to have a good laugh at how stupid we were. Next up, an inclusion of very possible facial expression in unicode...

Comment Re:Why emojis/emoticons are in Unicode? (Score 1) 231

The question is not so much why not have a standardization of emojis. But instead why does this standard have to be Unicode? It's nonsensical because emojis are not characters and not used as characters. May as well have standardized under any random standard and screwed that up instead; add emojis to MPEG maybe.

Comment Re:IMHO that's good (Score 1) 97

I grew up in a smallish town, was 10,000, now 20,000. We had plenty of burglaries. The small 500 person hamlets had crime. One of the highest crime rates in California one year was from a very small rural town.

Of course, times change. When I came home from college once my parents chuckled when I automatically locked the car door. Then a decade or so later they had a burglary and got an alarm system.

Comment Re:IMHO that's good (Score 1) 97

But there are the problems with not being anonymous, even in a small town. If you get a rep for being a trouble maker as a kid, the police will always suspect you even when you haven't done anything. Like Dukes of Hazzard. Social life often means going over to the next town where people don't know you and you can have a beer with your date without causing gossip. Especially if that date happens to be the same sex, or is older, younger, married, of the wrong race or religion. And speaking of religion, everyone will know if you decide not to head to church, they won't approve if you decide to switch denominations, become catholic, switch religions, or become atheist. They'll figure out if you're secretly siding with the wrong political party and come up to shout at you while you're shopping. They'll know if you visited planned parenthood, the shooting range, the Sierra Club meeting, a twelve step program. In short, they'll know every time you change or don't change your underwear.

Comment Re: Build one (Score 1) 317

Newer games don't require the best card (never did actually), or at least you don't need the best to avoid stuttering and hitching. But system RAM helps a lot. If you have 2G video RAM then that's enough because it can be supplied from system RAM cache. For a middle of the road system, adding more system RAM or an SSD does more to help game performance for the same price than getting a new video card.

Comment Re:ALWAYS build, if you can (Score 1) 317

This was the rule of thumb for the high end elitist gamers in the past. But it's not true anymore. You only need to build your own if you want the "best" (an unachievable goal as only one person in the world can have the best system). Is the goal to play games, or to deal with the headache of building a computer? A commercial computer is cheaper and still more than enough to play the games.

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