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Comment Re:How is gag order enforceable in the first place (Score 1) 199

Utilities have lots of people doing PR to deflect negative publicity (*). And the general public will not pay attention to stuff like this anyway. They will sue until the former employee has nothing except a few followers sending consolation tweets.

(*) except for PG&E which seems to have the most incompetent PR ever. Their method of dealing with angry customers is to make them angry at something else (like asking to reduce the very light fine they were given for accidentally killing their customers)

Comment Re:Capitalism! (Score 1) 199

DOJ: Explain again why you lobbed a nuclear weapon at your chief competitor's headquarters?
Corporation: It was a business decision necessary to appease the stock holders.
DOJ: Well, I guess that's ok, but we'll still have to fine you $1000 for for disrupting traffic.
Corporation: Fair enough.

Comment Re:Rajiv.. (Score 1) 199

Train him in everything I do... I'd ask what the budget it for training, how many years of graduate school to pay for, give him a list of subjects to learn, then wait for the person to get caught up. If one is in a position where a trained animal can do it then it's important to make sure you're an indispensible trained animal. Otherwise you'll be treated like a trained animal. Obtain incriminating evidence on the CEO and store it in escrow, shmooze with the COB, don't write down the passwords, and keep the resume updated just in case.

Comment Re:Unearned Platforms Given to Moral Guardians (Score 1, Troll) 230

She has some very good points though. It's funny to watch the videos with all the male characters having strategic butt coverings, but not female characters. I know lots of female gamers now so the sophomoric "I like to look at female butts" rationales for over sexualized female characters. \\

People overreact though, "raawr, she wants to change my game very slightly!" And GG had some very repulsive actors in it, they don't know how to debate so they decide to send threats.

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