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Comment: Genes set the bounds (Score 1) 154

by Dareth (#48082379) Attached to: Genes Don't Just Predict Intelligence, But Also How Well You Do In School

Genes set the bounds. Environment determines how close to either end of those bounds you end up.

A person with genes for being tall will fall between a range of 5'10" and 6'4" tall. If the environment for that person provides good food and nutrition the person will tend towards the far end of the range. If the environment does not provide good food and nutrition the person may fall towards the shorter end of the range.


Blizzard Has Canceled Titan, Its Next-gen MMO 155

Posted by Soulskill
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Ptolemarch writes: Blizzard never officially announced it, but now it's gone: Titan, the next-generation MMO that had been in development for seven years, has been canceled. Mike Morhaime said, "[W]e set out to make the most ambitious thing that you could possibly imagine. And it didn't come together. We didn't find the fun. We didn't find the passion. We talked about how we put it through a reevaluation period, and actually, what we reevaluated is whether that's the game we really wanted to be making. The answer is no." Polygon adds an article detailing everything publicly known about Titan (which wasn't much). MMO-Champion's report mentions rumors of a new project at Blizzard called Prometheus.

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