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Comment Don't block most, but annoying blocked at router (Score 1) 307

In general I don't block ads; but if some site, java script or the like annoys me enough I will block it at router. Currently I have some auto-play video scripts blocked, some scripts that randomly convert plain text into ad links, and for a while blocked a tracker that really slowed done the webpages. I've also blocked sites ocassionally if their ads or behavior was too annoying. For example I blocked Gizmodo a while back because of that stunt they pulled with TV remotes at some tech conference. In those cases if I end up following a link for some news to a blocked site I just searched for the news and read the story elsewhere. ( Very rare that only one place will talk about something. )

I also don't have flash installed ( and turned off a couple of video codecs that mostly just got used by autoplay videos ) in my main browser which ocassionally causes some sites to show a message accusing me of running an ad blocker where the flash ad would be. ( Surprised at how many sites just assume that a desktop browser must have flash or the like and don't check which codecs are installed. )

Comment Re:I still don't understand (Score 1) 130

newgrp doesn't exit it but executes a child shell which replaces the newgrp process. It's within shell that has access to file descriptor 3.

For why the file needs to have the same setuid is that is what the exploit takes advantage of, normally writing to a setuid file clears the setuid bit, but that doesn't happen if the writer is already root. Which means that using the exploit ( and some tricks to get out of append mode ) someone can turn a setuid file into any program that will run as root when it is launched.

Comment Re:See..... (Score 3, Informative) 130

You can also just boot from an OS X image, for example download the OS X installer extract the installESD.dmg file ( typing from memory but pretty sure that is the name ), install that to a USB drive and boot from it holding the option key when the computer starts up. ( again typing from memory might be command-option or the like ) In fact depending on the age of the computer it might already have a recovery partition that you can just boot directly from and then launch disk utility to mount the main partition and terminal to fix it.

Comment Re:Karma is a bitch (Score 1) 136

And what if I want to bring up two separate branches side-by-side to do some copying? Can't fucking do it in Git.

For side by side comparisions you can always just do a lightweight clone which pretty much should happen automatically if you clone to another directory within the same filesystem, i.e.
git clone -b branch orig_repo branch_repo

Submission + - LibreSSL 2.2.1 Released

An anonymous reader writes: A new version of LibreSSL (2.2.1) has been released, new version includes expanded OS support, code improvements, and bloated feature removal.

Release Notes. modern, safe programming practices. We welcome feedback and improvements from the broader community. Thanks to all of the contributors who helped make this release possible.

Comment Re:One more in a crowded field (Score 1) 337

Just like they plan on open-sourcing Facetime?

Most likely, and if something similar to the patient issue with FaceTime crops up I wouldn't be surprised on a reversed course similar to what happened with FaceTime. That said I'm assuming that the hints that they wanted to open source the language at it's introduction combined with delay between then and the announcement of planning to open source meant they may have taken steps to avoid such issues this time.

Comment Re:not just many eyes (Score 2) 255

Actually the number of developers ( and developer effective effort ) that would work on such a library is not constant. Once you get too many developers on a single project a larger effort is required to required to just for code / development syncing. The other issue is especially with open source developers is not all developers are interested in working in the same development models among other issues. Which means single projects tend to discourage some potential developers from joining in. There also is the issue of developers wanting to feel helpful a good developer will often feel more appreciated on working on a smaller project.

Finally just because implementations are separate does not mean that their is not cross pollination. Fundamental concerns found by one project are very likely to be searched for in other projects. Likewise with good ideas introduced in one project will often be picked up by other projects. Further because of a diverse system of libraries it is more likely that good ideas can be experimented with safely in different projects.

Comment Re:Brought an iPhone 6 and think it's too big (Score 1) 277

You just bought it.

Give it 2-4 weeks.

As you would start taking advantage of the larger screen, you would get used to the size. Or not.

As I said I'm going to stick it out. Ended up using my 5 yesterday for a bit while recovering from 8.0.1 and it still seemed slightly big to me. For now I still find myself thinking more consciously about how to use it ( i.e. if I need to shift hands etc. ) than my old phone; but hopefully that will improve over time. I haven't had it slip from my hands as much the last couple of days which is big improvement.

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