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Comment Re:no surprise there (Score 1) 264

Or late game in Sins of a Solar Empire where my GPU is sometimes almost idling because the one CPU core its using is at 100%. I would have thought running hundreds of AI subroutines would be easy to multithread. Makes me want to get a i5 to replace my AMD Athlon II that was mid-low end when I brought it 3 years ago

Comment Re:Online banking uses outdated crypto (Score 1) 245

I noticed recently that my bank doesn't differentiate between lower and uppercase in both the username and password fields. Found out when I decided to change some of the letters in my password to uppercase and it complained that the old and new passwords were the same.

Comment Re:Thank god we still have Radio Shack (Score 3, Informative) 491

Isn't 1/5 a bit generous. I went into one last year and the only electronics stuff they had was a soldering iron. I think at the time I was looking for some solder which they didn't have. Jaycar is the place to go for electronics stuff in Aus/NZ

Comment Re:China? (Score 1) 403

The main difference, of course, as that the UK PM is discussing the action before just plain doing it without informing the public.

Yes, it's always so much better when the rapist let's you know he's going to rape you before he does it.

Rape, when it's discussed and agreed upon beforehand, is called consensual sex.

Or gang rape.

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