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+ - University of Texas Switched to Gmail->

Submitted by Daniel_is_Legnd
Daniel_is_Legnd (1447519) writes "The University of Texas at Austin announced today that it would be switching it's university email services to Gmail.

"Google has been selected as the finalist to provide the new student and alumni email solution at The University of Texas at Austin. A student-led committee began in May 2010 investigating options for improving the existing email service for undergraduate and graduate students on campus-a population of close to 60,000 people. 'We started looking at alternatives for student email because students want more features, a user-friendly interface and a larger inbox size,' said Chelsea Adler, president of the Student Senate and a key member of the project task force. 'It's taken a lot of work to get to a recommendation and the committee has been excellent about considering the needs of students first,' said Scott Parks, president of the Student Body and task force member. 'We're excited because students will now be able to keep their email address after they graduate.'"

With such a large university switching to Google powered email, could this set a precedence for other Universities to follow?"

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+ - TI Design Challenge Aims to Save Children's Lives->

Submitted by Daniel_is_Legnd
Daniel_is_Legnd (1447519) writes "Twenty Nine children have died so far in 2010 [0] due to hyperthermia from being left in hot vehicles and the safeBABI [1] (Baby Alert Broadcast Interface) intends to end these needless tragedies. Designed by Daniel Ogilvie, Peggy Liska, and Michael Sherman as part of the Texas Instruments Co-Op Design Challenge, the safeBABI utilizes the TI Chronos watch [2] and a simple switch under the child car seat to detect if a child is in a car seat. When the wireless capable watch looses contact with the wireless transmitter on the car seat, it sounds an alarm alerting parents their child is still in the car. All the design challenge entries can be found here [3].


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