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Comment: And a pony (Score 1) 200

by Daniel Weis (#28498683) Attached to: DARPA Wants a 19" Super-Efficient Supercomputer

If you can squish all the processing power of say an IBM Roadrunner supercomputer inside a 19-inch box and make it run on about 60 kilowatts of electricity, the government wants to talk to you.

Well then. I'm sure people will go with the more traditional routes of terrorism, theft, and tax evasion to get a one on one session with the government. After all, it just seems easier.

Comment: Re:Just rip off the band-aid (Score 1) 496

by Daniel Weis (#27104561) Attached to: UAC Whitelist Hole In Windows 7
Your post reeks of troll.

Lose 1: So any permissions based system that requires privilege escalation is "buggy as hell and totally insecure"? I suggest you open a shell in linux and type "reboot". Oh, crap - we need more privileges to do that! Would you want any individual without the correct privileges to restart the system? (Although then again, you may be running as root, in which case I might have to ask - WHY?).

Lose 2: Seriously? Users come first. They want all their stuff to work just as it used to and they (sort of) want to be secure. There's a trade off here that Microsoft is making that is a completely understandable business decision. They are trying (and for the most part, succeeding) to please everyone.

Your position reminds me of this:

In the real world, software development is about trade offs and pleasing your customer base - not perfect algorithms and rms everywhere... Most users can't tell the difference between a secure system or not - but they sure as hell can tell when program XYZ won't run.

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