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Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 224

no evidence that arming the victims prevents mass shootings.

What's your next guess? Read and learn.

Besides Volokh's very informative research, I'll ask if you've ever hear of a country called "Israel"? There's a reason why the Palestinian terrorists gave up on trying to shoot up shopping malls and switched to half-assed rocketry.

1 in 5 chance that a mass shooting will use weapons the killer didn't own but obtained from gun owners on site.


Why is it that when you leftards pull a number out of your ass, you always go for 20%? That's just like the bogus claim that one in five women will get raped in college.


Comment Google stories (Score 1) 38

Google selling targeted Gmail ads that look like emails

Google violating Russian antitrust regulations by bundling its services with Android

Many web pages load something from Google, so Google is tracking us wherever we go.

The Slashdot home page loads these from Google:
1) google-analytics.com
2) googleadservices.com
3) googletagservices.com

Comment Re:Cabs (Score 1) 195

So now you're saying you don't trust the government and they only cater to people with money and power.

Yes, that's how it works. This is news to you?

Again, if you don't like the philosophy of the government, change it.

I'm waiting for the time when that's possible, which is certainly not while a bunch of stupid fucks are making stupid excuses for evil acts. More of us need to be on the same page before the people have a hope of effecting even bad and wrong change.

I believe there was an honest core of people in the occupy movement that were honestly trying to.

Trying and predictably failing, because what they were doing was a fat fucking waste of time. It raised awareness, but for a lot of people they felt like they were becoming aware of a bunch of fuckoff dirty hippies stinking up public spaces, and there is an element of truth to that. I feel the same way about people who tried to change the world by occupying public spaces as I feel about people who think they're changing the world by going to burning man and "participating" in it. What? You're going to go set shit to a bunch of crap and take drugs in the desert, you're not creating anything other than opportunities for a lot of arrests for victimless crimes — in both situations.

Run for office yourself.

HAHAHAHA. Look, there is less than no chance that I would get elected to anything, anywhere that it would be worth getting elected to anything. And furthermore, I don't even agree that this is the best way to change the world. As long as the world is filled with dumbass jerkoffs willfully avoiding thinking about anything of consequence, you can't change the world for the better because they will keep on claiming that they want change and then voting for the incumbent. You can win the occasional political battle only to lose the next one and accomplish nothing of consequence. I've seen what happens to people who want to change things from inside the political system. They go grey rapidly. Then they get shit upon. If you don't have significant political connections, there's no reason to go into politics.

If you don't have time, then you don't really believe strongly about it and you're just trying to take the easy way out and you are going to end up screwing over everyone.

I'm going to screw people over because I'm not going to waste time in politics jerking off? Draw me a fucking map, son.

If you give corporations the freedom to follow their own laws

I didn't give them anything. They took it. This is a natural consequence of capitalism. When you hand control of the means of production over to the people with the most money, you create a downward spiral. I didn't create this system, and I do my best not to feed it.

Comment Re:Kids needed to check with the president first. (Score 1) 224

Even as the kids are dead you still tried to turn it political

You know how to find out if some situation has political ramifications? If it contains any plurality of people, there will be politics.

You know who "turned the situation political" first? Obama. Because he made the first public political statement, right? From a politician?

Or maybe, just maybe, nobody made the situation political, because it was already political.

Maybe someday you'll have an idea worth associating with an identity, and on that day you'll log in and share it with us. Until then, your use of the AC account proves that you know you're talking shit.

Comment Re:Bullying (Score 1) 224

And shortsightedness of youth. It's hard to see past your immediate problems.

There's no particular reason for them to see past the people actually abusing them. Take them out and people will notice. The people who trained them to be shitheels, mostly their parents, will notice. It's sad for the kids who get shot, only the parents really deserve punishment since raising decent people is their job #1.

People love picking on nerds. Even teachers do it. We didn't stop bullies until the nerds started packing heat...

Yep. I was horribly depressed in high school, I was I think literally the lowest scum on the totem pole. And so I was dysfunctional in class. But rather than try to find out what my problem was the teachers almost universally mocked me in class, which showed the students that they could abuse me without repercussions. I didn't even know the names of the people who picked on me, so when I would complain the administration would say "we cannot do anything". Well, that's true, you can't do anything while sitting in your plush chair in the administration offices enjoying your protected union job while kids get the shit beat out of them outside.

On one hand, school shootings are very sad. On the other hand, if I'd had access to a gun as a kid, I might have engaged in one myself. I felt like my whole life was shit and like it would never improve. What was my motivation to care about anyone or anything? I didn't have any.

School bullying has predictable outputs. Violence begets violence. The one time I got in a fight with just one kid (because bullies are pussies and they won't attack when they don't have backup) I blacked both his eyes and they expelled me. They didn't ever do so much as punish any of the jocks who attacked me, but I win one fight and I get kicked out.

I am prejudiced against school administrators especially, and against teachers as well, because they are the ones who maintain the culture of abuse. Until they do whatever it takes to stop it, they are complicit in creating the environment in which abuse occurs.

Comment Re:Safety (Score 1) 224

It was also a world where you could spank other people's kids if they got out of line, kids could go out and play all day outside unsupervised, and so on...

The world is safer today than it ever has been before. Shit, there's probably less per capita killings in the Levant right now than there ever have been in history, that place has been a bloodbath since forever. The media narrative, however, is that things are more dangerous than they have ever been before. Bullshit. We simply have higher awareness of what is going on. Remember, gun killings are down. Gun deaths are holding fairly steady because suicide is up. People point to that as justification for banning guns, but there are lots of reasons why that is fallacious, among them having the right to take your own life if you choose. You don't have the right to determine that people must live a life in which they cannot be happy.

Comment Re:I don't come to slashdot for these stories (Score 1) 224

People are afraid of cars, that's why they spend so much time looking at safety rating when making a purchase

Only wealthy people can even afford to do that. Everyone else buys used what they can afford. Remember, the middle class is vanishing. Car sales are up right now because gas prices are down and consumers are feeling froggy but they will go up again the next time it suits the agenda, and then car sales will plummet once more.

and teaching their kids how to cross the road safely.

I sure wish they would do that. They clearly don't.

Comment Re:Why all the desktop stuff? (Score 1) 114

And while we are at it: illumos on intel is as fast or faster than GNU/Linux on identical hardware.

This is not about performance. This is about Solaris x86 or or that matter OI hardware support, which is a pathetic joke, and anyone who says otherwise is also a pathetic joke.

Comment Re: Not wasted (Score 1) 137

I think you are confusing image capture resolution with image display resolution.

It doesn't matter what image image capture resolution you have if your display resolution is orders of magnitude less.

So no, I'm not confusing the two.

>I said 7 years ago

'Splain to me how RI Hospital had access to Retina display resolution. Give three examples.

I'm pretty sure it is you who are confused.


Comment Re:Vitality is defined by users, not developers. (Score 1) 114

Many desktops, like Motif, took weeks to learn in comparison.

What? Motif didn't have a desktop. It only had a window manager and a session manager, and some libraries. Did you mean CDE? That was Motif-based. However, it only took a few minutes to learn, because it was very simple to use. It included a dock and a file manager.

SCO and Caldera both shipped Motif-based desktops, but neither one was part of Motif. I don't know if they have any relation, or not.

Comment Re:Why all the desktop stuff? (Score 1) 114

Solaris had been running on x86 since about 1990.

Solaris for x86 was a pathetic joke, Linux was already becoming a thing (and you could get Motif for it) and anyone who spent money on Solaris for x86 was making a grave mistake as hardware support was never any better than piss-poor.

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