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Comment: Re:Another failure of ZAW!!! (Score 1) 71

by MightyMartian (#48207511) Attached to: The Classic Control Panel In Windows May Be Gone

I don't know if it ever went as far as trying to get rid of sysadmins (Redmond has made no lack of money off of MCSEs and the like over the years), but they certain encouraged an attitude that command prompts, scripting and of the more "traditional" methods of system administration had been rendered obsolete; or rather, would be with "the next version". I have been subjected to numerous issues over the years that required me manually altering the registry, registering/re-registering/de-registering COM DLLs, screwing around in the bowels of IIS, Exchange, SQL Server, and yes, in many cases, invoking the dreaded command line. It was always alright because "In the next version, this functionality will be added!"

And now, as of 2014, Microsoft has pretty much flipped everything on its head. The GUI admin tools are all but deprecated, viewed as the lesser way to administer a Windows server, and PowerShell is proper and appropriate way.

The worst part about all of this is neither Microsoft or its legion of faithful sysadmins see any irony in this. Unix, in their view, is still some antiquated operating system with dated methodologies and philosophies (despite having commands like Move-Item to *nix's mv).

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by steelfood (#48206877) Attached to: Judge Says EA Battlefield 4 Execs Engaged In "Puffery," Not Fraud

The URL text contains the title of the story it's pointing to. Just hovering over the link, or pasting the URL in between the double quotes of <a href=""></a> will tell you where the link is going.

There's incompetence, and then there's gross incompetence. Guess which one this falls into.

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by steelfood (#48206713) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

As another reply has already stated, the counterfeit chips are marked with FTDI, so the chips counterfeiters are infringing on FTDI's trademark.

But your larger question is if the counterfeit chips are (otherwise) legal. Since they're using FTDI VIDs, and misreporting themselves to the host as FTDI chips, they may be violating some standard body's rules. But other than the blatant trademark infringement, there may be no legal violation. Not that it matters, because the counterfeiting is done in China, and such behavior is not illegal there.

The IBM-PC clones pretty much did the same thing in the 80's. Except they did a proveable clean room implementation and marketed themselves as "compatible." The proveable part was important against IBM's lawyers looking for copyright infringement, and by marketing themselves as merely compatible, they were not infringing on any trademarks either. It's quite possible if these chips called themselves FTDI-compatible and not FTDI chips, they may very well be legal.

+ - BitTorrent Performance Test: Sync Is Faster Than Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox 1

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Now that its file synchronization tool has received a few updates, BitTorrent is going on the offensive against cloud-based storage services by showing off just how fast BitTorrent Sync can be. More specifically, the company conducted a test that shows Sync destroys Google Drive, Microsoft’s OneDrive, and Dropbox. The company transferred a 1.36 GB MP4 video clip between two Apple MacBook Pros using two Apple Thunderbolt to Gigabit Ethernet Adapters, the site as a real-time clock, and the Internet connection at its headquarters (1 Gbps up/down). The timer started when the file transfer was initiated and then stopped once the file was fully synced and downloaded onto the receiving machine. Sync performed 8x faster than Google Drive, 11x faster than OneDrive, and 16x faster than Dropbox."

Comment: It's risky and unlikely to succeed. (Score 4, Insightful) 312

by steelfood (#48205893) Attached to: FTDI Reportedly Bricking Devices Using Competitors' Chips.

Device manufacturing companies may just avoid FTDI chips outright. This is especially true if some suppliers are mixing the real chips with the counterfeit chips.

Worse, since it's coming through Windows Update, the engineers working on Windows Update might outright blacklist FTDI. And Microsoft would be at least partially liable for any bricked device, which would make their lawyers a bit uncomfortable. I wouldn't be surprised to see Microsoft release a patch in the future to automatically unbrick the affected devices.

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by drinkypoo (#48204733) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

I wager less people (not just women) have been killed by gamergate/gamers than people getting killed by "jocks" and non-gamers, particularly those under the influence of alcohol.

I doubt anyone has been killed by gamergate. But it's disingenuous to pretend that no one is harmed by the death threats.

+ - What It Took for SpaceX to Become a Serious Space Company->

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The Atlantic has a nice profile of SpaceX's rise to prominence — how a private startup managed to successfully compete with industry giants like Boeing in just a decade of existence. "Regardless of its inspirations, the company was forced to adopt a prosaic initial goal: Make a rocket at least 10 times cheaper than is possible today. Until it can do that, neither flowers nor people can go to Mars with any economy. With rocket technology, Musk has said, "you’re really left with one key parameter against which technology improvements must be judged, and that’s cost." SpaceX currently charges $61.2 million per launch. Its cost-per-kilogram of cargo to low-earth orbit, $4,653, is far less than the $14,000 to $39,000 offered by its chief American competitor, the United Launch Alliance. Other providers often charge $250 to $400 million per launch; NASA pays Russia $70 million per astronaut to hitch a ride on its three-person Soyuz spacecraft. SpaceX’s costs are still nowhere near low enough to change the economics of space as Musk and his investors envision, but they have a plan to do so (of which more later).""
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by drinkypoo (#48203313) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

But wouldn't faggots be pro-hellenic, or are the stories I heard about 'doing it like Greeks' incorrect?

Not all homosexuals have buttsex, although the logic there escapes me completely. I'm pretty sure that if I were gay, I'd still want to fuck. In any case, the ancient greeks didn't believe (overall) that women and men could have equitable relationships of any kind, so women mostly hung out with women and men with men. They wrote a lot more about male-male sex than female-female because it was mostly men doing the writing, and they were extremely self-centered, but apparently there was a lot of female homo sex going on too.

I think they should return the Olympics to its original condition, though permitting females to participate. That would really liven things up...

Comment: Re:1..2..3 before SJW (Score 1) 700

by drinkypoo (#48203275) Attached to: NPR: '80s Ads Are Responsible For the Lack of Women Coders

Replace the word "nice" with "creepy." The problem with the unwashed coding masses is that they have no idea how to treat women as people, learn how to communicate in the their language, show any interest in what they like, etc.. Instead they try to find women who are just fantasy versions of themselves, but with boobs.

I can't speak for anyone else, but my fantasy women were all invented by Larry Niven, Robert Heinlein, or Piers Anthony. I'll readily admit that's still quite sophomoric, but at least it's beyond infantile.

I also can't speak for anyone else, but part of the attraction to computing for me was that it is a solitary activity. Not necessarily because I want to be solitary, but because I don't have as many social skills as many other people. My mother was depressive and my father was depressive and absentee, so they had nothing valuable or positive to teach me. I was moved away from my peer group right at the end of elementary school and never recovered socially. So that supports your theory, if not your vitriol.

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