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Comment: Re:Repetitive (broken) OS abandonment (Score 1) 240

by Daniel Klugh (#47159349) Attached to: The Coming IT Nightmare of Unpatchable Systems
I used to use my Atari 800XL to get on the Internet all the time. You just need a terminal emulator and a modem (and it's software handler). Now-a-days you can have an actual IP connection via Contiki. It's not Atari's job to support device-specific stuff. The IBM PC wasn't designed with IP in mind but people still read net-news and net-mail on the IBM clones.

Comment: Dalek Roads!!! (Score 1) 216

by Daniel Klugh (#44013895) Attached to: Volvo's Electric Roads Concept Points To Battery-Free EV Future

I'mm surprised that no one has mentioned that this is the way the Daleks worked in the original Doctor Who Dalek serial. They ran off of the static electricity in the metal floors of their city. They defeat one Dalek by laying a cloak on the floor and getting it to run (roll?) over it. By their second serial they got radio dishes on their backs that received transitted power which allowed them to roam the Earth.
(not sure where this power was transmitted from; the individual small flying saucers or some off-screen mother ship)
After the second serial the producers/writters just seemed to forget the power problem altogether.

I hope no highway bandits have watched 1960's Doctor Who.