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Comment Re:This is nothing but good (Score 1) 113

Except they're not at all competitive. It would be like a bicycle company saying their bicycle just one-upped the Tesla Model 3 in range and price. Technically true, but what people want is a car not a bicycle and improved electric bicycles won't offer much competition to a mass produced electric car. That's not to say both aren't cool in their own way but the only real company that is seeing competition from Blue Origin at the moment is Virgin Galactic and the SpaceShipTwo. However Virgin Galactic and Rutan already accomplished years ago what BO did today.

What this might do though is give BO a good boost of revenue towards making truly competitive hardware that does do something more useful than give wealthy sightseers a bucket list checkmark.

Comment ...AND THAT IS WHY YOU ARE ALL WRONG! (Score 1) 131

Dumbass Americans only care about eating more food, getting more fat, going to doctors for their fatass lifestyle diseases, complaining about the cost of food, driving their SUVs while never driving off-road or hauling cargo or carrying lots of passengers and complaining about the price of gas, voting for one party that wants to fuck up the nation or the other party that wants to fuck up the nation when they could write-in sane candidates, drowing themselves in shallow moronic soul-less meaningless popular culture and pretending like it's deep and profound, buying shit they don't need with borrowed money they don't have (America has a NEGATIVE average savings index, not that most Americans know what a savings index is), and believing every lying word of propaganda and manipulation that comes from their bought-and-paid-for government and their bought-and-paid-for mass media and following stupid moronic trends while operating general-purpose machines they don't even try to understand or secure so they can post trivial minutia about their pathetic little lives to be read by fellow jackass Americans who don't care.

An excellent manefsto! Now all you need to do is get a hoody and a big stack of postage stamps, and you are all set...

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 346

Hmmm, payroll taxes cap out at about $110,000. Who pays the full amount every time? The rich. Now, should they keep paying more, eliminate the cap?

The question was about the relative percentages paid in taxes. If you change the definition of "taxes" to exclude payroll taxes, then you end up with the misleading results the Tax Foundation reports.

The rich do not pay a higher percentage of their income in taxes than the middle and working class. If you evaluate total incomes instead of adjusted incomes (since the wealthy are able to make far better use of the tax code, which after all, was written for them), then you see that the rich pay a far lower percentage of their incomes - their true incomes - in taxes.

The Tax Foundation is an advocacy group for energy and pharma corporations that don't want to pay taxes. Period. They are as phony as a three dollar bill. And their "reports" are excellent examples of how you can mislead with statistics.

Comment Re:This would level the playing ground (Score 1) 346

And not SINGLE citation refuted anything about the IRS data the Tax Foundation has used, or the conclusions they've reached.

Tax Foundation didn't include payroll taxes in their calculations. Compare the percentage of income that someone making over $500,000/yr pays with the percentage of income someone making $50,000 year pays. Since payroll taxes make up 34% of all government revenue, you will quickly see how including payroll taxes changes the look of the Tax Foundation's conclusion.

You shouldn't need me to spoon feed you this stuff. I'm surprised you didn't see it straight away.

Comment Re:Whose problem it is is irrelevant. (Score 1) 152

A problem is a problem. It's just that simple. It doesn't matter if affects you, or me, or anyone else on earth. A problem is a problem.

Who told you that? Is it a problem? Well, it depends.

By your logic, if something is a problem for one person, then it's a problem for everyone. There is an 90 year old woman on the block for whom climbing three flights of stairs is a problem. There are three flights of stairs in my house, but is it a problem? Not for me it ain't. For someone without fingers, a keyboard represents a problem. Does that mean keyboards are a problem for everyone? Of course not.

You got a problem with that?

Comment Re:FUD at least sort of. (Score 4, Insightful) 152

#1 It's a spokesman for Nest saying that it isn't transmitting when you think you've turned it off.

#2 If the device is already hardwired to allow it to shut down the LED without shutting down the camera then it's only one software update/hack away from transmitting while it appears to be off. (Assuming that such a "feature" hasn't already been included and is just waiting for a signal to activate.)

I don't think i tend towards excessive paranoia, but having a camera attached to the internet with a power switch which doesn't actually power it down seems a bit sketchy to me. Even if Nest/Google the corporation has fully honorable intentions the situation still seems liable to potential abuse.

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