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Comment: Re:When going into business with Friends (Score 4, Insightful) 183

by Danathar (#47556403) Attached to: How Gygax Lost Control of TSR and D&D

That SOUNDS a lot easier than you think.

Firing a relative or friend has repercussions outside of your business relationship. It simply isn't easy for most people who love and cherish their family and friends to toss them out on the street along with their kids.

Do you really think that a nasty money fight between friends and relatives with contractual obligations in a business would not affect the personal relationships between them?

Comment: harping on limited amount of coins (Score 1) 301

by Danathar (#46572495) Attached to: Researchers Find Problems With Rules of Bitcoin

Can somebody explain to me WHY it matters if there is a fixed amount of coins when you can split a coin to something like 8 decimal places, price and buy things in fractions of a coin.

The dollar practically speaking can only be split into pennies. I can understand why you would need more money made. Bitcoin will probably ALWAYS have enough atomic satori to go around.

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