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Comment Human Nature (Score 1) 379

Both A) And B) are populated by human beings.

Being in one or the other does not change basic human nature. Option A would only be the lesser of two evils if it were not also run by people.

If a Republican wins the White House with Republican Majorities what's to stop a newly appointed FCC chairman from using Title II to the advantage of Verizon and AT&T?

Comment Re:Still will cost around $100 for an OEM license (Score 1) 570

Oh I don't disagree with your analysis, it's just that from a revenue perspective MS really does not NEED to charge $100 to home builders. It's a pittance to their bottom line and would generate some nice karma from the home enthusiast build your own PC crowd.

Yes, my home rig runs Linux, but if I could get Windows for cheap or free I'd load it and use it on occasion when the need appears (some specific game or whatever).

Right now though, between browser and Steam I can't think of WHY I need to shell out $100 for Windows. I'm not a heavy shooter gamer and the longer time goes on the games I do like (Like wasteland 2) are available.

Comment Still will cost around $100 for an OEM license (Score 2) 570

If you are building a home PC, it's still going to cost you around $100 for the software. Big OEM producers, current license holders get to upgrade or install for free.

But screw you home builders. Pay the tax to join the club. No free OS for you. Once you are "in" THEN you can upgrade for free.

Crazee Edeee, his prices are INSANE!!!