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Comment Submitter is wrong (Score 3, Informative) 156

I completely agree with what the article states - romanian science is in free fall. But it is wrong about some facts.

In charge of Romanian education and research are two gentlemen - Mihnea Costoiu (Ministry of Research, close to Ecaterina Andronescu - and according to his resume he got his PhD in 6 months - CV and more info at ) and Remus Pricopie (Ministry of Education, former rector at SNSPA, National School for Political and Administrative Science).

Before that, we had The Ministry of Education and Research as a single entity - and in the past 10 years we had over 12 different ministers in charge. Every one of them tried to radically change everything while actually changing nothing. Ecaterina Andorenscu was the longest lasting and did the most harm.

The only real change was through a law in 2011, passed by Daniel Funeriu - which got obliterated indeed during the short reign of Ecaterina Andronescu in 2012.

There are many things to tell - but the conclusion is this: we are in deep sh*t and sinking.

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