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Comment: Re:The Tesla is great but... (Score 1) 143

by DanDD (#38768360) Attached to: See the Tesla S at the Detroit International Auto Show (Video)

A hydrogen economy is so far off that it's even more fiction than a Tesla. There are at least two Tesla dealerships in the Denver, Colorado area, and these cars are in fact driving around (at least the Roadsters).

First, hydrogen is just an energy carrier. How are you going to produce this hydrogen?

Second, once you produce hydrogen, how are you going to distribute it around? Replace natural gas? Not for hundreds of years....

If you have the energy to produce hydrogen, why not just use the existing grid? Sure, the US electrical grid needs some TLC, but it is quite functional and is capable of serving a significant number of electric vehicles, especially when charged during off-peak hours. We have no infrastructure to produce and distribute hydrogen on any usable scale.

Comment: Family conflict exposes copyright flaws (Score 1) 411

by DanDD (#38729940) Attached to: A Copyright Nightmare

Money and greed indeed. If it wasn't MLK's family conflict, it would be something else. The point is that copyright is flawed, which just accentuates human flaws.

Instead of serving to distribute the literature and humanity that was MLK, copyright is being used for greed. This is sad, but no big surprise.

Fix copyright and patent laws to protect the individuals that originated the work, and the vultures less. Individuals who are able to create and inspire will continue to do so, and vultures will have to search a little harder for their financial carrion.

Comment: Re:Tolkien's prose (Score 5, Insightful) 505

by DanDD (#38643380) Attached to: JRR Tolkien Denied Nobel Due To Low Quality Prose

I find it disturbing that you critique LOTR the way you have, yet admit you've not read them. My 10 year old children have read and loved both the Hobbit and LOTR.

Tolkien's prose does assume a higher level of reading comprehension than is common today, this is very clear. Compare any Tolkien to JK Rowling. She tells nice stories, but with such stark simplicity that I find them painfully droll.

Comment: Re:Jobs (Score 4, Informative) 272

by DanDD (#38222282) Attached to: Permafrost Loss Greater Threat Than Deforestation

Permafrost makes it harder to dig, hurting the economy and killing jobs. That's why everyone hates it.

Permafrost gives villages something firm to set buildings and roads on. When the permafrost melts, areas typically turn into a marshy bog. This increases the cost of living, travel, infrastructure, etc. The increased insects increase disease.

If you want to live and work in a bog swarming with bugs, go for it. Perhaps you can explain the benefits to the rather annoyed polar bears, or to all the farmers in Texas, Oklahoma, and most of Colorado and Kansas who will see their land turned into an arid desert.

Comment: Re:Let's have both. (Score 2, Insightful) 202

by DanDD (#37810236) Attached to: Using Fuel Depots Instead of Giant Rockets

> So, _every year_ we spend about 6 _APOLLO PROGRAMS_ blowing up people that don't even matter to us. We borrow 9 APOLLO PROGRAMS every _year_.

Ahem. Please keep this kind of generalization to yourself. All humans matter to me, especially those that need blowing up. However, I do appreciate your sentiment that our priorities are severely skewed.

Comment: Re:Jobs didn't "steal" anything (Score 1) 1452

by DanDD (#37673794) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs

I don't believe Apple paid Xerox in an amicable fashion, regardless, it does seem that you acknowledge that Jobs drew from a wellspring of ideas and success that was not entirely his own.

If Stallman and the FSF people didn't believe we could 'steal' ideas, we'd simply all pirate our software. Instead, we've done something that infuriates the likes of Jobs and Mr. Bill even more - we've written our own.

Comment: Re:Says one zealous Dick about another one (Score 1) 1452

by DanDD (#37665380) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs

The operating systems is GNU - always has been. One possible kernel is Linux. Calling it GNU/Linux is rather appropriate if not speaking of a particular distribution, such as Debian GNU/Linux or Ubuntu GNU/Linux.

GNU/Linux is a bit clumsy - kind of like referring to your car by the engine it has. You could refer to your car as 'Automobile/Rankin Cycle', or 'Automobile/Otto cycle'.

Using your model and the current paradigm, we'd just call your derived OS/Kernel combination "Assfuck" (in your words), which would unfairly mask the entire foundation that allowed your "Assfuck" to exist. Some might even sue you for Libel.

Comment: Re:Stallman's supporters say a lot about themselve (Score 1) 1452

by DanDD (#37665090) Attached to: Richard Stallman's Dissenting View of Steve Jobs

I'll wager that the bits of your personal rant above passed through multiple network devices and servers running GPL'd code to get to Slashdot's server. While you obviously do not like or understand RMS, he's probably contributed more function, both technically and philosophically, to the computing world than Mr. Jobs.

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