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Comment Mrs Turcke's Company could copy Valve's model (Score 1) 408 408

Really, any more a content company complaining is on them. At any time they could copy Valve's successful media distribution model and make huge amounts of money. My hope is that Valve pulls an Amazon and enters other media types or teams up with Netflix.

Comment think is the key, but also need vision (Score 1) 507 507

My experience for most of these development methods and problems almost always comes back to requirements gathering. People typically want to jump on what ever solution they seize on or what is being asked of them instead of taking the time to truly understand the problem space and only then designing their solution. Often your Customer has no idea how a software implementation will change their work so I have watched agile being the blind leading the blind a lot. Rapid iteration is good, but to be successful in the end it requires an upfront understanding of the domain, thinking, and how it might change with different solutions.

Comment and yahoo is not done paying yet (Score 4, Insightful) 223 223

The damage the US has done to US Tech Companies has just started. International companies are dumping American Companies even though they tried to do the right thing. Something needs to be done to reign in the US government and in particular the military and nsa.

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