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Comment think is the key, but also need vision (Score 1) 507

My experience for most of these development methods and problems almost always comes back to requirements gathering. People typically want to jump on what ever solution they seize on or what is being asked of them instead of taking the time to truly understand the problem space and only then designing their solution. Often your Customer has no idea how a software implementation will change their work so I have watched agile being the blind leading the blind a lot. Rapid iteration is good, but to be successful in the end it requires an upfront understanding of the domain, thinking, and how it might change with different solutions.

Comment Re:Try again... 4? (Score 1) 226

sorry, but Musicans see no cash from music sales. They make their money playing live shows. So what your meant to say is it is wrong to steal from shady music execs who legally steal from Musicians.

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