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Comment: Re:Do No Evil so why not delete the info? (Score 1) 138

Does uploading a coroner's report into the death of a "patient" who purchased fake medicine count as personal?

I never post anything I wouldn't be prepared to defend in court, but it doesn't stop the cease and desist letters, DDoS and other tactics (threats of harm). This gives people another tool to try and hide the truth.

Comment: Re:Do No Evil so why not delete the info? (Score 1) 138

"should some random dude be able to remove _my_ information that I _want_ to be available?"

I don't know if you were implying otherwise, but it's probably worth making it explicitly clear that they can't easily do so, because Google require proof of ID to honour a request.

What if I'm writing about someone, do they have the power to hide what I've written?

Comment: Re:Do No Evil so why not delete the info? (Score 1) 138

I have received cease and desist letter from scammers, one case the scammer was going after me because they didn't like a coroners report that criticised them for selling fake medicine to the now deceased victim. These people will never take me to court where evidence would be examined, now thanks to the EU they don't have to.

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by Dan541 (#46856617) Attached to: Waste Management: The Critical Element For Nuclear Energy Expansion

Nuclear plants might be safer/cleaner than coal and all, but when they fail (and they always seem to, due to people attempting to cut costs and corners) it leaves areas of land unusable to us humans.

We've moved on since Chernobyl.

Nuclear is the still the safest source of power available in existence, even if we had another chernobyl or two Nuclear would still retain the title of safest and cleanest energy source.

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