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Comment: Re:Radio waves.. (Score 1) 713 713

Most SETI projects are focused on listening for transmissions in the relatively quiet slice of the radio spectrum between the radio spikes of hydrogen and hydroxyl, sometimes called the Water Hole. These would be messages deliberately sent, delivered to a sort of cosmic mailbox for us to read. It doesn't matter that the senders might no longer use radio to communicate amongst themselves. The messages are meant for us.

+ - Is continuity of consciousness an illusion?

An anonymous reader writes: In other words: Is the person you thought you were last week gone, and you merely inherited his memory/circumstances (including physical body), and you yourself (consciousness) will also part before the physical body dies?
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Journal: BitPass User Group

I'm working on a BitPass User Group website. The goals of the website are:

to facilitate reviews of BitPass-enabled content (so you can get your quarter's worth)

to inform users of new BitPass content

to discuss how best to use BitPass to generate revenue

to encourage use of BitPass by showing that a market for BitPass content exists

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