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+ - Is Apple sidelining Java?

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Dan Aktivix
Dan Aktivix writes "Having sent some people a Java/Processing applet, it turns out that since OSX Lion, Apple has default-disabled java applets, requiring the user to dig around looking for the on-switch.

Steve Jobs' views were (for the ipad and iphone at least) that "Java's not worth building in. Nobody uses Java anymore. It's this big heavyweight ball and chain."

That's right Steve, no-one's using it — apart from every single Android owner, just for starters.

So, any thoughts on what Apple is up to? Is the Lion decision of a piece with the iphone/ipad OS walled garden? Are they deliberately cutting Java off as part of an anti-Android strategy? Or am I just being paranoid?

And is Steve Jobs right to call Java a "heavyweight ball and chain?" I'm still a big fan myself, but then I don't venture outside my little Java world much..."
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Razer, Valve, and Sixense Working On Motion Control For PC Games 126

Posted by Soulskill
from the trendy-name-guaranteed dept.
An anonymous reader sends along this excerpt from Shacknews: "Gaming hardware developer Razer has announced a new multi-year partnership with Sixense Entertainment and Valve Software to deliver a '...revolutionary true-to-life, next-generation motion sensing and gesture recognition controller for PC gaming.' Razer, Valve, and Sixense, along with a selection of PC OEM partners, are aiming to produce '...ultra-precise one-to-one motion sensing controllers that use electromagnetic fields to track precise movements along all six axes.' Each controller will reportedly track its orientation within a single degree, and detect positioning within one millimeter. Thankfully, the device will be compatible with both current and future generation PC games."

+ - Hyenas cooperate, problem-solve better than primat->

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Dan Aktivix
Dan Aktivix writes "Spotted hyenas may not be smarter than chimpanzees, but a new study shows that they outperform the primates on cooperative problem-solving tests. Captive pairs of spotted hyenas (Crocuta crocuta) that needed to tug two ropes in unison to earn a food reward cooperated successfully and learned the maneuvers quickly with no training. Experienced hyenas even helped inexperienced partners do the trick. When confronted with a similar task, chimpanzees and other primates often require extensive training and cooperation between individuals may not be easy. The research was done by Christine Drea, an evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University; she points out no-one's been much interested in non-primate social cognition up to now."
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