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Comment: Re:Time for the west to quit exporting 'waste' (Score 1) 77

by WindBourne (#49544511) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
I have talked to WM (largest waste company in America) about their recycling stream and found out that all of theirs flows to CHina. Likewise, most of the electronic recyclers also flow it to China.

And Yes, I called multiple companies, include WM, to find out how this works.

Comment: Time for the west to quit exporting 'waste' (Score 1) 77

by WindBourne (#49539347) Attached to: Africa E-Waste Dump Continues Hyperbole War
Seriously, most of the 'waste' that is sent out are great sources of resources. Gold, Iron, Plastic, Copper, etc. Yes, there is Mercury and Lead in those, but that can be dealt with easily. We have various deep mines, well below water tables, in which the pure mercury and lead can be easily contained.

Australia has the right attitude of using Robotics to part out items.

Comment: Re:I call bullshit on anything from Forbes (Score 1) 132

by DamonHD (#49534389) Attached to: New Javascript Attack Lets Websites Spy On the CPU's Cache

Look elsewhere in this story: I've posted a 2013 paper where using this type of attack it appears that very nearly 100% of your secret key bits can be recovered as you do a single encryption in another process.

Note: not just revealing that I did an encryption, but what the bits of the key were that did it.

*That* seems bad enough to need serious thought (or refutation) ASAP.



Comment: Re:Not very useful. (Score 3, Informative) 132

by DamonHD (#49531359) Attached to: New Javascript Attack Lets Websites Spy On the CPU's Cache

Such as this?

"We demonstrate the efficacy of the FLUSH+RELOAD
attack by using it to extract the private encryption keys
from a victim program running GnuPG 1.4.13. We tested
the attack both between two unrelated processes in a sin-
gle operating system and between processes running in
separate virtual machines. On average, the attack is able
to recover 96.7% of the bits of the secret key by observ-
ing a single signature or decryption round"



Comment: Re:"Surge Pricing" (Score 1) 96

by DamonHD (#49515147) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works

Interesting, thank you.

Given that I no longer see differential pricing in any of my own retail bills, and given remarks from BT execs some time ago that they'd like the differentials to go away, I assumed that they'd gone at wholesale level too.

What ratios are there in the wholesale pricing, eg is it still anything like 4:1 between the highest and lowest by time of day?



Comment: Re:Good for him and the world. (Score 1) 118

Actually, you do not know that for sure.
Google has been focused on an Autonomous system. That is true. But, so far, no car maker has expressed an interest in it.
As such, there is no reason to believe that they will not consider building their own cars. And if they were to do so, I am guessing that they will Work with Tesla to make their own.

Comment: good to know (Score 1) 118

Seriously, the google boys are some of the most important business guys going. However, unlike most of the business ppl, such as Romney, Fiorina, McNerney, Welsh, Koch bros, etc, they focus on nothing but making money and have no interest in the future of America or Mankind.

Comment: Actually, things SHOULD be changed (Score 1) 533

by WindBourne (#49505923) Attached to: Utilities Battle Homeowners Over Solar Power
The idea of pushing for OLD homes to have solar added is a mistake. In addition, paying subsidies for it, is just plain wrong since it is causing solar companies to focus on just those locations.

Instead, at a US national level, we should put in place several regs and 1 new subsidy, while removing all of the other subsidies for Solar:
1) require that ALL utilities to buy up to 10% of a buildings excess electricity that is generated via on-site AE. IOW, if a building is expected to USE 1MW / month, then .1MW / month can be sold to the utility. In addition, it needs to be bought at the top that the utilitity pays for that time, to any other provider, including buying it from other providers.
2) require that ALL new buildings of 5 stories and less to have enough on-site AE to equal the HVAC energy needs (and require heating and cooling). Note that such a building with only enough on-site to equal the HVAC will likely not be selling much if any to the utility. However, if they decide to increase it, to the point that they equal 110% of their energy needs, then the utility must buy the extra 10%. Note that the smart developers will focus on lower energy costs buildings with better insulation and hopefully geo-thermal HVAC, since all forms of AE is actually expensive.
3) provide a TIME-LIMITED subsidy for energy storage. It should be in terms of max amount and must be able to hook up to the utility, company, or resident and provide the power. In particular, Utilities should be encouraged to move from 1 big grid, into small grids in which a storage is sitting there between the local grid and the big power grid.

With this approach, it will help utilities convert to storage, and lower their costs of energy production. In addition, it will stop new buildings from adding draw to the grid. Basically, it will help lower the real energy costs for all.

Comment: Re:"Surge Pricing" (Score 4, Insightful) 96

by DamonHD (#49505493) Attached to: How Uber Surge Pricing Really Works

It's called 'scarcity pricing' if you want to keep emotion out of it.

Sometimes it's needed to help prevent a service being overwhelmed: our phone calls used to cost 4x more 9am to 1pm than 6pm to 8am because our phone service (government run) had limited available bandwidth. Now that is no longer an issue (largely c/o fibre optics) there is no pricing surcharge for the daytime peak. Nor even for national vs local calls in the UK. It was a premium charge or lots of failed calls, including for those who really had no alternative to using the morning business slot.



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