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Comment Re: like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 1) 564 564

First off, you were looking to modify an OLD building. That is not a great time to install geo. The deep loops are too expensive esp. when you have to drill more than 2.
Secondly, if building a new building, esp. homes, and a builder can spend loads of money on AE, OR put more into insulation (such as aerogel windows/doors, or 2x6 studs combined with R40 insulation in the walls, and R60 in the attic).
Once you have a lot of insulation, then geo-thermal is dirt cheap to install. Basically, you put a small horizontal loop in the backyard.

In the end, the economics of Solar (which is the best AE on most buildings), will drive better insulation, along with geo-thermal.

Comment Re: Correction: (Score 3, Informative) 75 75

It's funny that you blame America for invasion.
1) North Korea with china invaded south Korea.
2) France asked America to help in Vietnam which we did.
3) reagan tried to stop massacre in Libya, but showed yellow belly when we were attacked.
4)we did go into Panama but only to stop noreiga. We also invaded Grenada to stop a coup that had ussr, North Koreans, and Libyan soldiers helping
5) at end of cold war, we, as part of UN, stepped into eastern Europe to stop the genocide that was going on.
6) as part of UN, we stopped Iraq invasion/occupation of kuwait
7) we invade and leave Afghanistan ( too early ) to take out AQ for bombing America and European targets
8) we unfairly invade/occupy Iraq.
9) we reoccupy Afghanistan to help their gov. Stop Taliban.
10) we help Europe invade Libya, but we had to be pushed hard to do it.
11) we were going to go into syria to stop their chemical weapons but Russia, china Europe, and GOP push Obama to accept a deal in which Syria/Russia announce all chem plants and will destroy them
12) ISIS formed and America staying out. Then ISIS captured chemical weapons that Russia/Syria said that they did not have. So we start supporting various groups, with Europe pushing America to invade.
13) Russia invades Crimea, America does nothing.
14) Russia invades Ukraine and then America pushes Europe for sanctions.
15) America pushed for sanctions on Iran to get a nuke deal. However, middle East and many European not happy with deal.

And yet, other than second invasion of Iraq, America has only responded to events that others did. In many cases, it was Europe pushing America that lead to military actions.

Comment The problem is ... (Score 1) 289 289

That many nations are already working towards this. It is far far cheaper to build automated weapons than to turn humans into effective fighting machines. In addition, small nations will see this as opportunity to compete against west, china, or Russia. Heck, Syria used chem weapons on their citizens and then they and russia cut a deal with the west to remove all chem weapons. However, once ISIS took over several locations, Syria admitted that they and Russia were lying and ISIS now has chem weaps.

Comment Re: like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 1) 564 564

Think about what I wrote. Currently, unsubsidized solar is expensive to put in. So, the builder has a choice of lowering HVAC energy demands and installing less solar, OR simply installing a lot more panels. Builders will find it cheaper to install more insulation, use aerogel windows for places like basement, bathrooms, maybe bedrooms, etc. Likewise, they will switch over to using geo-thermal HVAC, esp if house is well insulated. In time, aerogel windows and geo-thermal HVAC will become so cheap that older homes will switch.

Comment Re:So funny, but yeah, totally true. (Score 1) 147 147

I used to run a SPARC box with 4MB (yes, mega) as my gateway/firewall machine when I was one of the few ISPs in the UK with (a) a live 'Internet' connection and (b) any sort of firewall.

I called the machine 'lemon' ( because it was (as a safety measure) pretty much incapable of running a compiler in that space, but it ran a mail proxy and firewall ( which I wrote to make sure I understoof what was going on) just fine.



Comment like typical left, she has it wrong. (Score 2) 564 564

We need to drop the subsidies and simply say that all buildings less than 6 stories are to have enough on-site AE to equal the energy used for the HVAC (and require AC as well). In addition, the local utility must buy any daily extra at the maximum price that it costs them to buy electricity from elsewhere.

If she gets that passed, then not only will it put a stop to energy growth, but it will pretty much encourage cheaper buildings, and storage mechanism.

Comment Re:How much is an AG these days? (Score 1) 248 248

... maybe he'd suggest politicians be subject to greater financial transparency, and maybe be banned for a certain time from taking jobs in certain industries whose legislation they worked on as a politician.

This is how it's meant to work in the UK, but the body responsible for vetting jobs once leaving office seems never to say "no", and that's according to at least Private Eye and some private conversations!



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