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Comment: Re:How many bozos are screaming that Windows is sa (Score 1) 129

All OSs have major intelligence value. The vast majority of laptops in the west run Windows or Apple.
OTOH, around the world, Windows represents less than 33% of all servers, which makes them a minority. Why would anybody target this 33%, but leave the other 66% which runs on larger sites? Because Windows is EASY to crack. Simple as that.

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by DamonHD (#48462287) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change


The capitalisation thing is a piss-take on the tabloid press, eg the Daily Mail and its ilk. In general The Register doesn't take itself very seriously.

No, I don't like the LH anti-CC articles very much, but he seems an OK guy except for that large blind spot!

Disclaimer: I occasionally write for ElReg and indeed hope to get a free lunch out of that writing in a couple of weeks!



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by WindBourne (#48461897) Attached to: Two Google Engineers Say Renewables Can't Cure Climate Change
They did NOT say to abandon AE. They said that just as certain that global warming is occurring, that it is impossible to solve with only renewables. And considering that the human population increases, as does its demand for more energy, it is obviously impossible to grow AE fast or economical enough. Nukes really have to be added to the mix. Not large ones, but small ones similar to what Babcock has with mpower.

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Assuming that NSA/GCHQ are behind this, then they will be targeting what they can and what ppl run. More than 1/3 of the servers in the world are Linux alone. Heck, Russian AND Chinese gov. has moved pretty hard to Linux. The fact that NSA/GCHQ has NOT written to that, indicates that they are going after the easy thing.

Sienmans was using windows for that. Of course, NSA/Israel targetted it. BUT, that is a SITE SPECIFIC set-up. When you have a foreign nation that makes heavy use of Linux, then you should be targeting it. Instead, NSA/GCHQ targeted windows because it is easy.

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by DamonHD (#48456405) Attached to: In a Self-Driving Future, We May Not Even Want To Own Cars

And what strain of paranoia makes you think that any of us in this thread want to "silence" you; that is wild talk.

We appear to be having an on-line civil discussion with no gun literally or metaphorically held to your head.

Currently I think that the clear majority of road users and funders don't want motocyclists (or others) with a rather strong sense of self-entitlement going at *unsafe* speeds around us, whatever those speeds are and whether or not they are related to the legal speeds. However, I haven't seen many public roads on which 154mph would be safe other than empty motorways in good visibility.



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So go and get the rules changed, but the original question appeared to be in the present tense, and I answered it as such.

Actually, I think that speed limits are bad laws* but I'd still want people dinged for dangerous driving in that shared space whatever vehicle and speed is involved.



*I take the lead from my uncle who was a very senior and placid and respected barrister who as far as I know had never knowingly broken a speed limit, and had immense respect for (most of the rest of) the law of course.

Comment: How many bozos are screaming that Windows is safe? (Score 2) 129

So many ppl come here and post that Windows is not only safe, but that it is targeted because of numbers. Yet, it is obvious that NSA and GCHQ targeted Windows. Why? I doubt that it was numbers, but ease of cracking.

So, in the meantime, how many companies will start switching to *nix?

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Here are all 13 h2 fueling in America.
Here are more than 8700 electric stations in America which does not include RVs .

That is why Tesla is going to win out on this.
Hell, Tesla offers 130 stations in the US, that allows tesla owners to charge for free.
And within several years, you can swap out the battery pack in less time and cheaper than H2.

Comment: this is a joke like China agreement with America (Score 1) 145

by WindBourne (#48448941) Attached to: Prospects Rise For a 2015 UN Climate Deal, But Likely To Be Weak
CO2 will continue to rise as long as we stay with per capita normalization, which is based on estimates in nations like China and India, combined with ignoring nations like China and India.
The fact is, that CO2 emissions is NOT tied to ppl, but GDP. As such, normalization needs to be based on emissions per GDP.
In addition, many nations love to cheat on information about estimates. What is needed is a single means of measuring all over the world. That is what OCO2 will bring us. It can measure CO2 flowing IN and OUT of a nation.

The best solution is for nations to put a tax on consumed goods predicated on where the parts come from and the amount of CO2 / GDP from the worst nations. In this fashion, it rewards nations that lower theirs (or stays low), while punishing those that are too high.

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