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Comment: Re:*sigh* (Score 1) 206

by DamonHD (#49360423) Attached to: Iowa's Governor Terry Branstad Thinks He Doesn't Use E-mail

The UK and Germany, as relatively solvent and sane parts of the EU are both well to the left of US politics, and various aspects of US outlook from religion to guns to science denial are inexplicable from over here. Not strictly left/right but probably as much to do with the general level of education.



Comment: Re:Isn't Government wonderful? (Score 4, Informative) 135

by DamonHD (#49360099) Attached to: UK Licensing Site Requires MSIE Emulation, But Won't Work With MSIE

Uh no, sadly.

For example, Vodafone's "Mobile Broadband" dongles have apparently failed to work with OS X Yosemite (ie the current version) for a similar length of time for me and many others (the software crashes immediately) and Vodafone's 3rd-line tech support admits there is no fix (the person I spoke to is a Mac user himself and was rather embarrassed), but apparently Vodafone is happy to go on charging for the service and deflecting efforts to get a resolution.


So, although I have been a generally happy customer for most of Vodafone's existence I think, in this aspect they share all the aspects of incompetence that certain people assume to be the sole preserve of government.

I cancelled service and a refund is very very slowly happening. (Vodafone gives you a credit but somehow fails to apply it to the account, as a matter of routine, so goes on taking new money.)



Comment: Re:Great... (Score 2) 52

by DamonHD (#49272757) Attached to: New Compound Quickly Disables Chemical Weapons

Because it is *new* and promising and interesting. No one claimed *perfect*.

It's a common lament on /. but if you don't want to hear about stuff until it's on the shelves in your local store stop wasting time reading /. and other information outlets, else stop whining when you get an early heads up.


Tell me what potential life-saving breakthrough *you* made today, please.

Comment: Re:Things I've learned over the decade-plus... (Score 1) 255

by DamonHD (#49232611) Attached to: On Firing Open Source Community Members

Few of us are that driven by rules to the exclusion of social mores. And attempting to run a group that way will exclude those who aren't, I suggest, which may be a useful set of people for all sorts of contingent and correlated reasons (eg people with especially good empathy and outreach and comms skills).



Comment: Re:Meaningless debate (Score 2) 277

by DamonHD (#49204819) Attached to: Daylight Saving Time Change On Sunday For N. America

And changing our entire frame of reference twice a year in some places at vaguely similar but not the same dates, to me does not meet that test.

We have things called computers and calendars these days with which we could adjust the running hours of our businesses, schools, etc, *if necessary* to the seasons.

My local graveyard manages it.

I run as much as possible on UTC.



Comment: Re:26% seems a bit high (Score 4, Informative) 54

by DamonHD (#49191691) Attached to: CRTC Issues $1.1 Million Penalty To Compu-Finder For Spamming Canadians

Just because *you* don't get SPAM doesn't mean that it isn't a problem in a number of ways.

I get 10,000+ SPAM attempts per day. I;d have to give up well-known and memorable emails addresses to begin to trim it.

Legit inbound and outbound mails get lots in the SPAM wars, eg people miss important mails of mine, and I miss theirs.

SPAM traffic also wastes bandwidth and power in my networking equipment and servers; visible and significant for a partly off-grid system for example.

SPAM filters are a poor fix for a pernicious problem that has destroyed what was a wonderful communications service. I was using email before SPAM existed.



Comment: Re:Overpopulation is a myth; abundance a reality (Score 1) 213

by DamonHD (#49072627) Attached to: Oxford University Researchers List 12 Global Risks To Human Civilization


It is a silly demand because the scarcity is artificial and unless you are a fisherman (and possibly not even then) it is by no means an essential.

We can all just make up demands for things like 10t of precious metal each that might also be highly desirable because of how we happen to price them, but artificial scarcities are not meaning for a discussion.



"Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain." -- The Wizard Of Oz