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Comment Re:"Climate contrarians" (Score 1) 252

Anyone who believes that their "shit don't stink" has a problem. Do you believe that yours doesn't?

But we can avoid gratuitously making things worse.

And dismissing all things inconvenient because some other unrelated people made bad predictions is passive-aggressive stupid. Nostradamus made some bad calls but does that mean that you ignore all safety warnings and stab yourself with knives because all predictions of harm must be crap?

Being a functional adult includes trying to make rational decisions about what is good and what is bad amongst all the the noise and some bad actors. Not flailing out wildly against things that you happen not to like.

Describing me as in a death cult is rude and wrong and definitely not adult behaviour. Never mind that you don't know much about me personally.

On the other hand those that stick two fingers up at attempts to avert the risk of catastrophic risks including but not only climate change out of smugness or whatever really *are* risking widespread death and unhappiness.



Comment Re:"Climate contrarians" (Score 2) 252

I know that I should not feed the trolls, but why do you put up two mildly offensively obtuse straw men in your last two paras? The alternative names were to try to get past the petty carping of the "skeptics" though all remain valid just like there are multiple different words meaning 'pig-headed' or 'stupid' for example, and NO ONE in mainstream science is predicting *weather* or exact temperatures in "the following decades" and you well know it.


Comment Re:The Cloud: 1, Users: 0 (Score 3, Insightful) 432

Slippery slope arguments are a slippery slope: how do we know aliens won't force the GOP to run some kind of idiot for president to make that happen?

So, what you are talking about will either not be possible (to impose on you) because you can just stop taking the 'money off for utility control' dollar, or you can't because a politician will have legislated something stupid to force you to take it, in which case your gripe is with them.



Comment Re:Might cause more problems in a big company (Score 1) 258

We are running an open payroll (to other staff, not public, though we did consider that).

We are small and a start-up and not paying anything astonishing to anyone, but it sure takes away some furtiveness and toxicity that we can just have the discussions out in the open. Some do stuff for us for free for the open source goodness, some we pay "London Living Wage" to which is a bit above minimum wage, and some we pay a little more than that. Only myself and my co-director are full time and we get paid less than a Tube driver basic wage I think! B^>



Comment Re:2016: The Year In Energy (Score 1) 239

"... a few whiny articles about how big energy companies and short sighted governments are interfering with the peoples' right to push tiny bits of energy onto the grid and make the people around them pay for the infrastructure to do so ... "

On this: I am pushing out more energy (well, exergy even) than I consume over a year just from my house, and continue to pay the standing charge on both electricity and gas which should broadly cover those infrastructure costs (it's ~25% of my electricity bill, ~50% of my gas bill).

Way to go on petulant generalisations which only need a single counter-example to refute... The whining here is all yours, I suggest.



Comment Re:Edits Denied (Score 2) 325

Pretty much all my edits have stuck so far as I can tell, or at least not been reverted per se, other than one which was briefly (somewhat aggressively) queried then reinstated.

I make a mixture of micro (eg typo), and more substantive corrections/additions.

I have no axe to grind: maybe that helps?



Comment It's annoying, and it shouldn't happen, but... (Score 0) 265

I had one of the earliest live commercial IP connections in the UK in the early '90s (and had a letter from the NSF allowing such traffic across the backbone!) and from the moment we went live we had attack/probe traffic at least in every minute since then when I've looked. (And I've had something like 10,000 SPAM delivery attempts per day for many years now too.)

(In those days the malicious traffic was from South America, FWIW!)

No it shouldn't happen, and if it causes you real annoyance and/or harm then you should consider the usual non-technical remedies eg as against someone repeatedly fly-tipping on your property, or robo-calling you, etc. In the UK there might be scope for action for "unauthorised use" of your computer systems and network.

I think that thoughtless, anti-social, resource-wasting activities should be discouraged rather than shrugged off as inevitable.



Comment Do you miss USENET? (Score 2) 83

1) Is this shiny new Interweb thing better than text flooded over UUCP for actually understanding things and for thoughtful conversations? Discuss.

2) If you could by fiat could change one thing technically or legally worldwide to make the online world a more civil place, what might it be? Might Google's 'hate speech' 'spellchecker' delaying or censoring Twitter/FB/etc posts mentioning Hi**er or similar help?



Comment Re:Maybe replace the headless linux box in closet (Score 2) 99

I use an RPI as my primary Internet facing server and for other tasks, and matches the performance of a rackful of old Sun equipment. And runs from off-grid solar power, ie orders of magnitude less than those Sun servers:

Oh, and I can shove it in a small cupboard, rather than taking a whole room.

And I run it fanless with entirely solid-state media, so it's quiet.

So, smaller, quieter and vastly more energy efficient and cheaper and people are WHINING?



Comment Re:Translation (Score 1) 255

Been there, done that (because of a sysamdin who thought that doing diagrams with pretty pictures was MUCH more important than doing backups for any of my team for many weeks, on one occasion) and you know what?

You're right!



PS. Not that I advocate it as normal workflow for the sake of everyone's blood pressure for a start!

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