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Comment: Re:Noone read the articles (Score 2) 183

It is true. I made a ridiculous looking wikipedia article back in 2006 while making a scavenger hunt for my girlfriend. For more than six years that article has sat there, even though it references fake people, fake companies and fake quotes. It has even been cleaned up a little by others over the years.

The worst it got is a 'this article may contain original research' tag. I'm sure if it had widespread exposure someone would realize it is completely fake. But articles on wikipedia just don't get exposure. They sit there until someone looks them up. And that person is rarely an expert.

Comment: Why do they keep trying this? (Score 2) 38

by DamienRBlack (#36125438) Attached to: This Robot Needs a Hug
Is there really that big a demand to relay hugs, kisses and so forth over the internet? Who out there really has a need for this product? Isn't email and phone and video chat enough? I just don't get it. Is is a Japanese culture thing? Does it make more sense in their society or do they just like doing weird stuff?

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by DamienRBlack (#36021830) Attached to: Aaron Computer Rental Firm Spies On Users
I am a "poor person". A "serially-poor" one. Math has been and still is my subject of interest. Currently, my skill in math lies somewhere mid-way through differential equations. My mathematics education, as well as computer science, physics, chemistry, philosophy and music are all gained from auditing college classes. Do to circumstances currently beyond my control, I can't afford to actually take the classes. I cannot get a loan, as I made a mistake when I was 17 years old and forgot to un-enroll from a semester of classes I didn't end up taking. Now I owe a state owned collection agency $6,000 plus a hefty amount of interest. I can't enroll or take out student loans until I've paid in full. Actually, it suits me fine. I prefer learning on my own and I don't think I could stand the tedium of going to classes over things I've known and used for years. In the meantime though, I find myself unable to "prove" to anyone my merit. So I find myself without a job that pays a reasonable amount. I am currently running a business, but the truth is that it takes lots of money to make money. I scrape by, but only barely. And I assure you, it isn't because of my math skills.

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