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Comment: Re:Single use like every rocket on earth? (Score 1) 138 138

No, "single use" like they are only going to be using this design on 1 launch. By the next launch the Exploration Upper Stage should be ready and that will be used on all further launches. The advisory board is suggesting that NASA simply exempt themself from the human-rated requirement for that 1 launch and save themselves $150 million.

Comment: Re:I'll pay for subsidies here any day. (Score 1) 356 356

Most people can't or won't weasel their way out of a smog check,

I don't think smog checks are as ubiquitous or effective as you think they are. Yes, California has a very strict and effective system, but in my state, failing a smog check only means I have to spend $150 for a diagnostic and I get a waiver until then next check. People living in incorporated county areas aren't even required to submit to emissions testing.

UNIX enhancements aren't.