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Comment: Re:OS? (Score 1) 227

Those swiches are only relevant if copying from FAT to NTFS or viceversa. They do not help with dir dates being wrong - defaulted to current.

As I said, strange that I still use a nearly extinct tool - NT Backup - to get a near identical copy of dir trees. And on both filesystems, especialy on NTFS, it is very obvious that and when the tree was copied.
Ghost is also a very useful tool that still does a great file by file volume copy, but it never could do a tree to tree copy on Windoze.

Comment: Re:OS? (Score 1) 227

Are you speaking of some other underlying file system date?

Check the directory created date and the "." and ".." sublink dates on FATXX.

Then get back to me.

On NTFS, the dir modified date also gets updated. But that is by design of the filesystem.

Sadly, the only way to, in this day and age, get fully identical copy of a directory tree is by cloning the whole drive. With all other data. While NU could clone dirs easily some 20 years ago.

Comment: WPA keys per second? (Score 1) 330

by DamageLabs (#42190237) Attached to: New 25-GPU Monster Devours Strong Passwords In Minutes

Not seeing anything about WPA.

You can pull those truly out of thin air and since they are rehashed 4000 times brute forcing those is slow even on most modern hardware. Generally in the range of a 1000 to 5000 keys per second.
More than a thousand years for a 8 character password. And you can't even use a shorter password on WPA.

GPUs do change the picture a bit.

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