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Comment: Re:FUD? (Score 1) 315 315

You presume that the parents are those buying the product. But I believe any 15 years old with the bucks to spare can go into a shop and get out with an iOS enabled device and expose himself with safari without his parents having a chance to monitor anything at all.

So because the iOS device itself isn't considered 17+ the parental controls available in the OS aren't an excuse for Safari avoiding this "warning".

Comment: Re:Effing SyFy (Score 1) 762 762

Totally agree. At first I didn't like Stargate SG-1's cancellation. The problem wasn't with the cast but with the amount of "filler episodes". Then Dr McKay made StarGate Atlantis actually be a nice series and it got cancelled too... I mean c'mon. I like stargate's universe. Why cancel all of them?

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