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+ - Sony's PS4 to have less stringent DRM than Microsoft's Xbox One->

Submitted by Tackhead
Tackhead (54550) writes "E3 is turning into Bizarro World this year. Sony has not only promised that that the PS4 will support used games without an online connection, they trolled the Xbox folks hard with this Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video. Compounding the silliness, and hot on the heels of the political firestorm surrounding Donglegate, Microsoft went for rape jokes during their Xbox presentation. This isn't the first time that Microsoft has stumbled into an embarassment over gender issues, but at the rate the PR gaffes in the launch of the Xbox One are accumulating, perhaps they would have been better off just letting it happen; it’ll be over soon."
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Comment: Re:How ergonomic! (Score 1) 590

by Dal Platinum (#39324627) Attached to: The Windows 8 Power Struggle: Metro Vs Desktop

Run it in windowed fullscreen mode. I have Win7 64, and if I get an IM, or want to switch tunes, I just move to the other screen and click something, then click back on WoW and continue playing. Fullscreen will generally run better, but I get a solid 60fps in windowed fullscreen with a mid-range (now probably sub-midrange) gfx card with everything maxed out, so it makes little to no difference to me.

If that doesn't fix it, then the fault will lie elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Almost Always User Error (Score 1) 930

by Dal Platinum (#32948200) Attached to: Toyota Sudden Acceleration Is Driver Error

It really is.

You can have more than one source supply power to a light bulb. In the case of the brakes, it's a physical switch. In the case of the hazard lights, it's a physical switch linked to a relay. The ABS only comes into play when the computer detects a wheel lock-up, and it does it by reducing the braking pressure, in pulses. If there is no computer response, then the brakes will apply normally.

My car is ~6 months old (and Japanese). It has a physical switch for the brake lights. As did the 10+ cars before that.

Braking *has* to be a mechanical system. If the computer that controls your fly-by-wire goes up the shitter, then you would be left with a car than cannot be stopped, unless you're lucky enough to be going up a hill. Nobody would sign off on such a thing. There is a chance the brake servo may not work, but it's very unlikely, as there have been brake servos long before there were ECUs, and I can't think of a good reason to try to make a brake servo electronic.

If this womans brake lights came on at all, then all the time they did not come on, she was NOT braking.

What happened with your father in law is likely different. I had a Peugeot that would also rev itself, but only at idle. This was most likely due to a faulty sensor, as it would be alright after a service, and other people I know with similar age peugeots had the same thing. A solution for your father in law would be to take it out of gear and apply the handbrake when he's stopped, like his instructor probably mentioned.

Comment: Re:Not more safe (Score 1) 611

by Dal Platinum (#30386112) Attached to: Malware Found Hidden In Screensaver On Gnome-Look

The problem is that 'bad users' may not know any of this, and when a window comes up that says 'enter root password to install software', they will happily type it in. If it says 'You need to enter the root password on initial execution', they will type it in there too, as long as the end result is pictures of Shakira, or whoever the fuck.

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