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Comment: Shenanigans! (Score 0) 459

by DakotaSmith (#48362015) Attached to: Black IT Pros On (Lack Of) Racial Diversity In Tech

I call shenanigans.

I just left teaching IT at the collegiate level (a trade school). There are two issues:

  1. Not many black students enter IT programs. Don't ask me why. I have theories, but to voice them might open me to charges of racism. Suffice to say that I heard a black commentator recently bemoan how some black people denigrate other black people who try to better themselves. They call it "acting white."

    IT is bettering yourself. It's "acting white."

  2. The vast majority of High School graduates are now outright illiterate. They cannot read nor write nor perform the most basic math.

    Want real fun? Try teaching binary logic and arithmetic to students who can count to ten if they remember to include both their thumbs.

    I had students that were unaware that books had page numbers. Consider the implications of that, for a moment.

We have raised an entire generation of illiterate ignorami. Small wonder that this might include black people, who tend to be hurt even worse than whites in situations like this.

We have raised an entire generation of illiterate ignorami.

Comment: The Ignorance of Would-Be Rulers (Score 0) 522

by DakotaSmith (#42973459) Attached to: Illinois Politician Wants a Kill Switch For Anonymous Speech Online

I was in the industry for 20 years and now teach at a technical school. I constantly tell my students about the dangers of government involvement in IT:

The guys we send to government aren't really that bright. Those who are bright are also universally attorneys. They've spent their lives learning the law, not technology.

Consequently they have no idea what technology is. This makes them unfit to regulate it. This is a good thing.

They regulate at the speed of law. We innovate past the regulation at the speed of light.

Comment: Throw Rocks (Score 0) 206

by DakotaSmith (#42135769) Attached to: Carl Sagan Was On US Team To Nuke the Moon

Apparently none of those jokers ever read Heinlein's The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress. It's overkill to lob nukes from the Moon. Simply throw rocks.

My fear is that, literally, he who gets to the Moon and has a permanent base first will rule the world. I suspect it'll be the Chinese or Russians.

Seriously, if somebody took up residence there and put some boosters on a few boulders, there'd be absolutely nothing those Earthbound could do about it.

Comment: The Trick Is ... (Score 1) 344

by DakotaSmith (#39813101) Attached to: Is Extraterrestrial Life More Whimsical Than Plausible?

... knowing when we've found it.

Real extraterrestrials will look nothing like human. They might be super-intelligent shades of the color blue. If we're lucky.

Differentiating them extraterrestrials and the landscape may be problematic.

In any case, all the exoplanet talk is entirely speculative. During my lifetime, scientists expected to find life on both Mars and Venus -- and those planets are infinitely closer to Earth than any exoplanet. It was only after sending probes to Venus, for example, that we discovered it was a hell-hole incapable of anything resembling terrestrial life.

Anyone who tells you they've found an Earth-like exoplanet is flat-out ignorant. We've found exoplanets in roughly the right orbits to possibly sustain human life -- but the same could be said of Venus and Mars, and look how that turned out.

Comment: Difficult to Be Enthused (Score 0) 323

by DakotaSmith (#39788535) Attached to: Google Drive Goes Live

I'm sorry, but in June I'm getting 100GB as part of my $36-annually MetaARPA membership over at SDF. Not to mention the UNIX shell account I've been using there for fifteen years. And the private Minecraft server. And Gopher. And dev tools. And VPNs, VPSs, a boatload of other stuff ...

Not to mention I'll be able to mount the SDF 100GB to my Linux box using SSHFS under FUSE.

Comment: Um ... Is This Even An Accurate Story? (Score 0) 145

by DakotaSmith (#39743007) Attached to: Hacker Posts Details of 3 Million Iranian Bank Accounts

Three million accounts intrigue me, so naturally I went looking for the posted list.

I can't find it. I find endless references to the story, but no list. I can't find Zarefarid's blog. This strikes me as odd, since the list was supposedly publicly posted there. Usually by this time, there are downloaded copies on all the file-sharing services, torrents, etc. There's nothing.

Knowing as I do that the majority of stories on which the press reports are wildly sensationalized or at worst entirely fictional, the lack of a list makes me think this may fall in the latter category.

Comment: Re:Extremely Thin (Score 0) 265

by DakotaSmith (#39718133) Attached to: Google Drive Launching Next Week With 5GB Free Space

The better part of a year. I'm extremely pleased, having had my account converted to SSHFS free of charge.

However, unless EchoFS does something differently very soon, I think they're going the way of the Dodo Bird. They aren't marketing themselves well, and I expect services like to overtake them shortly.

It's a pity, because they're very, very good. But if nobody knows about the service, they won't survive.

Dakota Smith

Comment: Re:Extremely Thin (Score 0) 265

by DakotaSmith (#39718117) Attached to: Google Drive Launching Next Week With 5GB Free Space

There are a number of file managers on Android that can read a variety of network shares. I use FX File Explorer, and I have SSHFSes, Box, and two Windows shares configured.

I also use FolderSync Lite to automatically mirror files. Though to be honest, with 30GB to 50GB storage to play with, I store a massive amount of data in the cloud and use the file manager apps to copy them to my Android when needed. I mostly do this with my ePub library since I'm keeping my music and videos with Google (30GB).

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