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Comment: Re:Easy (Score 1) 613 613

by Daimanta (#49697643) Attached to: A Plan On How To Stop Sexism In Science

From the Wikipedia article for your google search

"As a relatively new field of study, men's studies was formed largely in response to, and as a critique of, an emerging men's rights movement, and as such, has been taught in academic settings only since the 1970s. In many universities, men's studies is a correlation to women's studies or part of a larger gender studies program, and as such its faculty tends to be sympathetic to, or engaged in, advocacy of feminist politics."

Sounds like a part of women studies to me.

Comment: Truism (Score 1) 244 244

by Daimanta (#49689403) Attached to: RTFM? How To Write a Manual Worth Reading

When discussing documentation if thought about this rule:

90% of people want to have documentation
50% of people want to read documentation
10% of people want to write documentation

I think the above is the reason people don't write documentation. Few want to write documentation and they are often not motivated to write because people barely read documentation even if the see a need for it.

Comment: Re:Freedom of Expression... (Score 3, Insightful) 424 424

by Daimanta (#47465261) Attached to: French Blogger Fined For Negative Restaurant Review

Yet something could be true in a literal sense but give a deceiving view of reality. Imagine you sitting down at a restaurant and offered something to drink. You immediatly request silverware and the next two servers that pass by your table receive the same request. Now you requested silverware 3 times in a literal sense before you could eat your salad but the reality of the story is that you had no problems with getting silverware, you were just being an impatient douchebag.

There, I've set up a situation that could be considered libel/slander/defamation but be true in every sense of the word.

Comment: Contracting? (Score 5, Interesting) 477 477

by Daimanta (#46923975) Attached to: Sony Warns Demand For Blu-Ray Diminishing Faster Than Expected

Was it even ever popular? I never had a Blu-Ray player in my house and I have only held a internal player once in my hands. In my opinion, Blu-Ray has failed as a successor to DVD. Even in the autumn days of DVD, you can find disks and players everywhere. With the better Blu-Ray, adoption had been hurting and it has never seen the lift-off its predecessor had. I doubt that a successor to Blu-Ray will fare much better.

Comment: Re:Hard drives have no future. (Score 1) 82 82

by Daimanta (#46450995) Attached to: Nanomaterial May Be Future of Hard Drives

SSD has gotten less expensive, but it still is about $75/$1.00 a gig, well more than a comparable spinny platter.

More like $0.50 per gig. Prices have been dropping fast and cheap SSDs are finally on the rise. You can now get an 240GB SSD for $100 which is not bad considering this was absolutely impossible one year ago.

Comment: Re:Google WTF are you doing? (Score 1) 154 154

by Daimanta (#45150687) Attached to: Google To Support Windows XP Longer Than Microsoft

But it's dead simple to install a 3rd party start menu.

Which one works fully? When I tried Classic Shell, I still got the tablet UI in some situations, e.g. when I needed to get to the Control Panel.

Using Windows 8 + Classic Shell. I have configured Classic Shell in such a way that it never shows the tablet UI. And it's nothing more than checking some boxes in the configuration, easy as pie.

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