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Comment They can still be useful (Score 1) 215

Pagers tend to have better reception than cell phones, at least fairly recently when I last looked this up for my own curiosity. Also, many paging companies have "TAP" servers that you can dial into with a modem to send pages. This is could make a nice last-resort fallback for when a data center has lost network access and you can still provide outbound alerting via a backup landline.

Comment Why is the splash screen cyan? (Score 1) 93

It seems like emulated old versions of Windows end up with cyan where they're supposed to be white, and it's been this way for ages. I used to run Win 3.1 under PC-Task on my Amiga to handle one specific business app, and the splash screens even back then were cyan instead of white. That's still true in my browser just now when I launched a couple of the article's emulators. Why would that be? Is there some bug in ancient VGA hardware that Windows exploited to render white instead of greenish-blue?

Comment Re:Excellent! (Score 1) 98

So you deny saying this?

I'm not denying anything. Why should I? For that matter, why should I even reply to you, after you've harassed me off-topic in a thread which had absolutely nothing to do with either you, or this subject?

Learn to behave like a civilized human being, and maybe people would be more inclined to have a civil discussion with you.

But I've told you that before, many times, to no avail.

Comment Re:What else would you have them do? (Score 1) 554

Was any of that meant to convince me that a conversation with you would be in the least bit fruitful? I am no more inclined to engage with your crazy.

I didn't expect to convince you of anything. I did want to show other people what kind of person you are, and that I was right about you all along.

To put your lying-via-cherry-picked-out-of-contexting in context, as it were.

Thanks for so easily handing me the opportunity.

Comment Re:Cool! (Score 4, Informative) 425

Finding them means we can start developing better instruments. Primordial gravity waves are our best shot at understanding the inflationary epoch and understanding the Big Bang itself. This is one of physic's greatest triumphs.

And, of course, it confirms once again that Einstein remains one of the titans of human thought.

Comment Re:What else would you have them do? (Score 1) 554

You're citing a truther page? As I said, not interested in discussing your crazy.

I don't really give a damn what you call it. I cited a website which has been signed off by over 2400 professional architects and engineers as being factually accurate.

That *IS* the expert scientific consensus on the matter. You have now confirmed your hypocrisy, and demonstrated that you don't care what the evidence is: if you don't like it you just put a pejorative label on it and deny it.

I knew that before, because I've seen you do it many times. But it's nice to have such crystal clear confirmation.

And why do you feel it necessary to lie? You still haven't answered that question.

Strange, isn't it? 4 years ago someone else accused you of lying by "quote-mining" out of context. It is very clear that is exactly what you did. And there is no doubt it was you, because it's the same Blogger account and others referred to your account here on Slashdot by name.

Isn't it interesting that I pointed out exactly the same behavior here, long before I knew that page existed? I wonder. Is it just some bizarre coincidence? Or a pattern? Maybe we should ask others to vote on it.

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