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+ - Webcomic TaraNormal plagiarized by big publishing company?->

Submitted by DaemonDan
DaemonDan (2773445) writes "The webcomic TaraNormal, written and published by author Howie Noel, has had a fair deal of success since 2009 and when it started being published online, receiving a good deal of attention from Hollywood execs and book publishers alike. However:

The short of it is this; while Tara Normal was shopped around a few times, it never actually got picked up. However mysteriously enough a new book series titled “SaraNormal” (yeah tell me THAT doesn’t make your heart sink) hit bookstores in 2012. Not only is the name a blatent rip-off of Howie’s Tara Normal, the comparisons don’t stop there. SaraNormal features a young woman with the same abilities as Tara, hits some of the EXACT SAME plot points and even includes some of the same cast members!

But what can a little guy like Howie do against a big publishing company like Simon & Schuster? "
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+ - Kickstarter Projects begun to fund Death Star andX-Wing Construction->

Submitted by
DaemonDan writes "Following the We The People pledge to build a Death Star (, and the government's subsequent refusal ( some creative jokesters created a Kickstarter project to fund and build it themselves. In response, a group of Rebels have launched a campaign to raise funds to build a fleet of X-Wing Fighters ("
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+ - Record Temperature Set: Colder than Absolute Zero->

Submitted by
DaemonDan writes "Some German researchers have recently published in the journal Science a method for taking atoms to a negative absolute temperature, below 0 Kelvin.
"They first cooled about 100,000 atoms to a positive temperature of a few nanokelvin, or billionth of a kelvin. They cooled the atoms within a vacuum chamber, which isolated them from any environmental influence that could potentially heat them up accidentally. They also used a web of laser beams and magnetic fields to very precisely control how these atoms behaved, helping to push them into a new temperature realm."

The scientists theorize that an understanding of absolute negative temperature could essentially allow us to escape the constraints of entropy and create engines that are more than 100% efficient.

Here's the link to the Science article (paywalled):"

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+ - Artificial Wombs in the near future?-> 3

Submitted by
DaemonDan writes "The first successful pregnancy by IVF was accomplished over 50 years ago, essentially creating a multi-billion dollar industry. Many scientists are trying to take it one step farther with a 100% test tube baby brought to term in an artificial womb.

"Cornell University's Dr. Hung-Ching Liu has engineered endometrial tissues by prompting cells to grow in an artificial uterus. When Liu introduced a mouse embryo into the lab-created uterine lining, "It successfully implanted and grew healthy," she said in this New Atlantis Magazine article. Scientists predict the research could produce an animal womb by 2020, and a human model by early 2030s."

The author of the article seems to believe that birth via artificial wombs could become the new norm, but is it really feasible, desirable or even affordable for the majority of Earth's population?"

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