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DaedalusHKX's Journal: Final take on the guns in home safety issue: 1

Journal by DaedalusHKX

And this comes from the Government's own statistics and propaganda outlet, Perry just quotes it.

How nice. There's even a very nice quote from the Colonel (Cooper, not the KFC guy) at the end. How very nice.

EDIT: Here's a snippet you'll like off bat... talks about that forgotten trait... "responsibility for your actions."

Let me offer two caveats. First of all, I have difficulty accepting the term accidental injury/death when it relates to guns. I accept only negligent injury/death. If the four rules of gun safety are adhered to (Will the BATF Seize Cheney's Gun?) there will be no gun accidents. Whoever pulls the trigger is responsible for the placement of the bullet, intentional or otherwise. I'll stick with the improper term accident for this article simply because that's the wording used in the study.

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Final take on the guns in home safety issue:

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  • Negligent FTW.

    That was the term always drilled into our heads during weapons training in the USMC. I was a grunt, so therefore fired lots of weapons, so got the speech many times over.

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