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Comment It depends on the bad companies. (Score 1) 686

Good companies find clever, interesting ways to advertise.
Bad companies stick with annoying banner ad type stuff.
The only ones in any possible "jeopardy" are the bad companies. People will *find* the good ones. So if anyone's going to sue, it's just the ones with a bad marketing model.

Comment Re:This is a loaded question (Score 1) 951

You can fully expect something to break when you run an unstable release of Wine. Because it's an unstable release If it's for your kid, just stick with a stable (oor the current working) release and don't change it unless you know for sure the game will keep working with a new release.

I'm kind of curious about the bug report. Last I checked, most Wine devs don't seem all that arrogant to me. A bit too expecting, sometimes, maybe...

Comment Re:Sound subsystem fragmentation (Score 1) 951

It's not that there's no market - I'm seeing plenty of people buying Steam games and trying out the Linux version. It's just that the market is small to the point where it could almost be considered "niche". Initiatives like Steam's just show why it doesn't have to be.

How come everyone's going so slow if it's called rush hour?