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Comment Re:Mountains and Mole Hills... (Score 1) 136

"Fluff" and "Puffery" are one thing. Explicitly showing people doing things the device can not do is plain false advertising.

Isn't a large amount of advertisements out there patently false? Look at the claims made by supplement vendors and diet pill pushers. How do you know a marketing guy is lying? His lips are moving ...

Comment Re:New market (Score 1) 367

Arguably, the new market came about with the rise of the MBA in the 1970s. MBAs look at the company strictly as a profit/loss model. Also, we started valuing quarterly profits over the long run. Now, a lot of companies are ridden hard to profit in the short term at the expense of the long term. Investors have unrealistic growth and profit expectations, and in their greed, disregard the precarious position of people employed. It's not any single thing but a cavalcade of conditions that put us where we are now. NAFTA decimated manufacturing in the US. I could go on ....

Comment Re:Yes, they are employees (Score 1) 367

So would that be the soul crushing jobs where you still need food stamps to live in spite of your 39.99 hour week? Of is that the jobs that you can only do for a year before it actually causes medical problems that you can't afford to get treated?

When the unemployment figures go negative, there will be enough jobs available to eliminate the need for employee/contractor protection.

I am fairly well educated and now working as a security guard. I guess that would count as a soul-crushing job that doesn't pay enough money to live on without food stamps. But, I guess the alternative is infinitely worse. The world doesn't want a 38 year old desktop support guy and be damned if I'm going to do customer support at a place like Comcast. The upshot of where I'm at is that the perpetual state of fear we live in, for now, guarantees me a job.

Comment Re:Timesharing (Score 1) 233

Back in the day (60s,70s,80s) "The Cloud" was called "Timesharing" on Mainframes. "The cloud" does not eliminate infrastructure, it just moves it to another company that you pay fees to. There will always be IT pros "pulling all-nighters, swapping in hard drives or upgrading systems", but they will be working for the cloud hosting companies (and probably be offshore). Also, chances are that companies with stable infrastructure needs that don't expand and contract all that much (which is most companies) would of saved money overall if they owned their own equipment instead of renting capacity from a cloud company. After all, the cloud company has to pay for all the same things *and* make a profit (often a very substantial profit), which will be reflected in their fees.

Maybe one day the pendulum will swing back to hardware ownership but change is a slow rolling boulder. Cloud computing has been set in motion for some time now and I'm seeing more and more job descriptions that are asking for experience with Azure, AWS, and others. The IT pros pulling all nighters are now likely to work in a data center and there are going to be far fewer staffing needs.

Comment Cloud and Jobs (Score 1) 233

Undoubtably, the cloud has already started to reduce the number of server and storage engineer jobs out there. I'm already starting to see the handwriting on the wall and I'm thinking it might be time to retrain as a network administrator/engineer. With services going to the cloud, the role of the network engineer is only going to become more and more important and I'm just a server guy. Soon, I'll be handing out happy stickers at Walmart.

Comment Re:Hardware requirements (Score 1) 253

While Gigabit speeds are nice I guess a few questions came to mind:

1) Will we be forced to utilize their hardware to support these speeds or can I use my own ? ( You KNOW they will charge monthly for hardware rental ) 2) Is the service symmetrical or is it something ludicrous like 1000 down / 10 up ? 3) I have absolutely zero need for Gigabit Ethernet outside the home. Can I get 100 / 100 for a decent price ? I would be thrilled with that. 4) Can I get it by itself without having to bundle some silly cable package ( that I don't want or need ) with it ? 5) Is there a minimum contract involved ? Eg: Two years

If they're actually trying to get ahead of Google on this instead of just coming up with creative ways to charge more, then maybe I'll start looking at the hardware required to route / switch it.

Shit, I'd be happy with 10 up and down and have a static IP or two.

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