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Comment Re:Hardware requirements (Score 1) 253

While Gigabit speeds are nice I guess a few questions came to mind:

1) Will we be forced to utilize their hardware to support these speeds or can I use my own ? ( You KNOW they will charge monthly for hardware rental ) 2) Is the service symmetrical or is it something ludicrous like 1000 down / 10 up ? 3) I have absolutely zero need for Gigabit Ethernet outside the home. Can I get 100 / 100 for a decent price ? I would be thrilled with that. 4) Can I get it by itself without having to bundle some silly cable package ( that I don't want or need ) with it ? 5) Is there a minimum contract involved ? Eg: Two years

If they're actually trying to get ahead of Google on this instead of just coming up with creative ways to charge more, then maybe I'll start looking at the hardware required to route / switch it.

Shit, I'd be happy with 10 up and down and have a static IP or two.

Comment Re:Am I the only one that sort of liked Flash? (Score 1) 202

By having the majority of undesirable web content stuck in easy-to-flag Flash buckets, it was inherently simple to block that content. I could simply whitelist a handful of sites whose flash content I wanted to see (e.g. Youtube) and block it pretty much everywhere else.

Now with everything moving to HTML5, I fear the necessary blocking ruleset will gets many times more complicated and with more false positives and negatives to boot. Am I wrong?

Well, I disagree. You can still block the ad serving URL. Simply have a block list of the most common ad servers and block them.

Comment Re:Libre Office (Score 1) 314

I'm a proponent of LibreOffice and I think not considering it was a mistake. I especially like LibreOffice because it doesn't contain the ribbons interface which I absolutely detest. Ribbons are cumbersome when I can find exactly what I need in the menus. I might be one of the lone dissenters, but I am far more productive on LibreOffice and I have yet to come across a document that has any pagination issues.

Comment Re:Better thrashing... (Score 1) 234

Yeah, because what could possibly go wrong in an air traffic control system when the computers are thrashing like crazy as they run out of RAM?

I've worked with some non-critical systems used in aviation, and they shut down and switch to the backup when they get close to running out of RAM. A few seconds' delay to swap in data about airliners that are travelling a few miles apart at a few hundred miles an hour could kill hundreds of people.

Very well put! The system should have failed over to a backup. Seconds could mean the difference between life and catastrophic death.

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