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Comment: Occam's Razor (Score 2) 82

by DaMattster (#47688173) Attached to: EFF's Cell Phone Guide For US Protesters
Only apply the simplest amount of technology to remain efficient. This is a case where too much technology is the enemy. Go back to CB, Amateur, and walkie talkie radio for communication. Use a camera that can record to an SD card and periodically switch out the card and find a safe place to "dead drop" it. This way, the police can glean very little, if anything at all.

Comment: Re: No, you don't need AV, even on Windows (Score 1) 323

by DaMattster (#47688119) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?
What happens if you receive an email with malware attached that activates simply when it downloads off of the server to your mail reader application without you actually opening it? I've seen this happen before. How do you know for certain that you DON'T have a virus? It is possible for legitimate websites like CNN or The Weather Channel to develop an infection and pass it to tend user.

Comment: Re: End state and private capitalism. (Score 3, Interesting) 323

by DaMattster (#47688105) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Dead Is Antivirus, Exactly?
In an ideal world we would be a bunch of smurfs helping each other out when needed. However, this would simply be utopian. This lifestyle might work for small communities of 5-25 people where everyone is dependent upon each other for friendship, socialization, and survival.

Comment: My 0.02 (Score 4, Insightful) 453

by DaMattster (#47677005) Attached to: Web Trolls Winning As Incivility Increases
The only reason trolls win is we give them the reaction that they are looking for. If people just ignored them more often instead of getting all bent out of shape, the trend would go away. Trolls would quickly get bored because they won't have an outlet for their frustration. Trolls are nothing more than school yard bullies that never quite grew up.

Comment: A complaint (Score 5, Insightful) 206

From the article: “If we don’t have the courage to change, if we don’t lead the change, we will be left behind,” Chairman and CEO John Chambers said on a conference call. In reality, Cisco doesn't have courage at all. If they had courage, they would work to retrain a capable workforce and buck an ever growing trend in employment. By laying off 6,000 people, they are showing cowardice and a lack of confidence in their existing workforce. They would sooner send 6,000 people to the unemployment line then work work with a known, reliable quantity. The move is shortsighted because it costs money to hire someone and the new person must then learn the culture, infrastructure, and the business. Add to it the potential for the starting salary to be higher and any positives from the "courage to change" are negated. Bravo on another epic failure of the corporate world. I would have had more respect for honesty and integrity.

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